League of Legends tinha modos divertidos, mas eles se foram para sempre…

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42 thoughts on “League of Legends tinha modos divertidos, mas eles se foram para sempre…

  1. Nah idc at all old league eas the best and they were at the peak EVEN if the game (champs) were absolutely broken af and even for the quality and sfx tho theyre just str8 ugly it just somehow feels right and nostalgic for me 🤷‍♂️

  2. Yesssssssss defend Ionia hire more people to work on the game. Don't tell me you don't have enough money. Temporary game modes need time and care to grow. I only return to play temporary game modes and almost never play summoner's rift even with friends.

  3. Even just 0.5% of League of Legends game hours is probably more hours than Dota or Smite. So this excuse still boggles the mind since you're still providing a gamemode to tens of thousands of players.

  4. Man, Bilgewater event around the gangplank rework was the best thing ever to happen. The map, butchers bridge, the unique announcers changing during the event from gangplank to miss fortune, and back to gangplank. The removal of gangplank from the game because he was „dead“ the reintroduction with his final visual and audio update, the overall atmosphere from the bilgewater ingame music..
    I miss it

  5. How much does it cost to ask for a rotating aram every 2 weeks . Like 2 weeks its normal aram , then it changes to a bilgewater aram , two weeks later it changes to demacia aram etc .
    I'm not asking for massive changes to the core of aram with this but some variety, anything new PLEASE

  6. The real question is why does Riot keep making modes and keep wasting resources instead of making skins and make the game better because they're gonna be forgotten, and if there's be a rotating modes why don't they just say it + the social media doesn't get spammed

  7. dominion was fun also enjoyed 3v3 with premades was fun too and the PVE was fun
    sad really im sure there is some logic behind it not sure the logic benefits the players tho
    they wont do it but maybe like a path of exile league system would be nice where they kinda test mechanics they might put into the game later in like a separate mode

  8. Bro idc attack or defend I just want something different, we get the same old crappy game mode aurf, ultimate spell, or one for all… They are also always milked in some way in a different version but literally the same mode.

  9. Back then I spent my day playing odyssey because for me it is fun and I am one of the player who doesn't care about my rank or something I just want the fun that I feel playing the game because sometimes when people in lower elo are arguing because of someones fault and that makes the game boring for me unlike the PvE modes because PvE modes are more friendly and they can build a more competitive ranked games because the casual players who seek fun is playing PVE games, I like tft because I feel sleepy playing league right now and playing tft gives me chill so please riot make pve game modes again please

  10. 9:30 hey, One for All was first only available as a community custom game! You had to make a custom game with a specific dev code in the title or something and it would allow multiple of the same champion pick, until it got removed and rereleased temporarily as an official gamemode

  11. What's hilarious is that these game modes, even though they had a tiny % of the overall league player base, still had enough routine players to constitute a successful game on their own. People have this warped perception that a game with 5-10,000 regular players is a "dead" game but in reality that's an extremely successful game which can easily be profitable. 0.5% of leagues player base back then was larger than this number. Like everything it's all relative. Instead of maintaining these fun modes Riot chose to alienate these player bases, many of which simply quit the game (no they did not go play SR, many of us find SR incredibly boring). I absolutely loved things like Hexakill/Ascension/Odyssey and others and I'd play them still should they ever return but that's unlikely.

    The fact is Riot is not a game dev anymore, they are an esports company. If a game or an an aspect of a game isn't a viable esport they simply won't invest much in it. Look at TFT, an extremely popular game with millions of players that brings in loads of cash, and yet it has a very small dev team with Mort repeatedly saying over the years that more people would be useful. Why isn't Riot investing in that team? In my opinion the answer is that TFT functions very poorly as an esport. Why are they making a fighting game? To dominate the competitive scene. All of this to the casual players dismay, fun be damned. It really is a shame.

  12. 1 year later…Ultimate spellbook, ARURF, Ultimate spellbook, ARURF again. No doom bots last year, no christmas, no summer maps. *Little* revamp for ultimate spellbook star guardian.

  13. I remember the Star guardians Event last difficulty to be rly rly hard. We my friends , were a diamond Team and we had to try many times 😂

  14. i used to play a league match every day and by the weekend i would be bored. I would queue up for TT ranked or dominon and it felt so fun because not everyone cares about ranked in TT so i felt like part of a little club. Dominion was so fun for a completely different experience.

  15. The fact that riot is deliberately choosing to limit how much fun the playerbase has by reducing modes, maps and items should worry people about where the game is headed.

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