Introdução ao lengthdir_x & lengthdir_y no GameMaker (criando um jogo de tiro de cima para baixo)

Esta é uma breve apresentação sobre as funções lengthdir_x e lengthdir_y no GameMaker: Studio 1 e 2 e como elas podem ser aplicadas para criar um jogo de tiro de cima para baixo (TDS) no software. Se você estiver familiarizado com funções trigonométricas como seno e cosseno, talvez já saiba como obter os resultados de lengthdir_x e lengthdir_y sem usá-los. Este tutorial destina-se a desenvolvedores de jogos novatos. Código-fonte » Mostre seu apoio comprando um adesivo para laptop do Step Event » -logo-sticker?p=sticker Site » Inscreva-se » Twitter »


18 thoughts on “Introdução ao lengthdir_x & lengthdir_y no GameMaker (criando um jogo de tiro de cima para baixo)

  1. This tutorial was very helpful. I quickly then looked up if you had an intro to other functions, like point_direction. Would love to see more of these quick simple tutorials that visually explain common used functions to my simple brain. Thanks and great work! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much! You are the first person who could make me to understand it. I'm so dumb, I am not good at math at all but I gotta learn gml and sometimes I learn such difficult topics like this one. And that would be great if you'll explain what is lerp and how it works at some point.

  3. So, if i understood correctly, this will help me change the origin of the object without causing it trouble right? like if i want the origin to be a bit to the right and up i can use lengthdir to not make it glitched out, right?

  4. Some tutorial videos on how to interact with tilesets using the new functions in GM2 would be incredibly helpful. Also the animated tilesets. Happy to see you making tutorials on YouTube Zack!! Nice step up from the helpful assets you make on GM Marketplace.

  5. Just found your great blog tutorial on level building with ASCII characters (really good by the way! And I'd love to see how you'd develop it further with expanding on how Spelunky and BoI did world generation, but thats by the by) so was pleased to see that you're now on youtube as well! Pretty much an instant subscribe. Also, if you are taking recommendations then yes to videos on data structures, like arrays and grids.

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