Testando as ARMAS MAIS BARATAS Vendidas no WALMART!!! (Resultado surpreendente!)

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41 thoughts on “Testando as ARMAS MAIS BARATAS Vendidas no WALMART!!! (Resultado surpreendente!)

  1. Its literally an instant background check and shouldn’t take more than 20 min to get a 4473 form back. Normally after I fill it out I barley have time to take a few laps around the gun store and it finished.
    It’s called the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Keyword here is INSTANT.

  2. Lol you’re lucky anyone even came to the sporting isle. I tried to buy a decently priced mossberg at my local walmart today. Went up to an employee and asked if someone could help me buy a gun and he legit laughed and told me “good luck, I’ll page someone for you though” after he had announced it on the intercom I waited for about 30 minutes before I left 😂

  3. That's always the problem with Walmart no matter which one you're at they always got to have a manager it's ridiculous they should make more people able to do that I don't even shop at Walmart at all I don't support Walmart and Walmart's gun selection is not that great

  4. no wonder you guys have school shootings , and such a murder rate, like i know your whining about 2nd bnlalbla , but really, buy a gun at depo store, and be like ''crazy eyes'' afterwards with an text – " how did that school had shootings'' like really, im always suprised about how dumb a fucking country can get xD

  5. Why sell guns in a supermarket in Australia 🇦🇺 we sell guns in the countryside and outback to kill big red kangaroos and crocodile's because we gotta eat and other nasties koalas love using there razor sharp claws and the Tasmanian devil and the Tasmanian government

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