Longplay de uma série de eventos infelizes [HD]

Longplay de A Series of Unfortunate Events, jogado como a versão NTSC no GameCube. A versão deste jogo foi lançada em 10 de novembro de 2004. Conte-nos o que você pensa deixando um comentário abaixo! 0:00:00 – Início 0:00:38 – Abertura do Capítulo 1 0:05:46 – The Brilliant Bopper 0:10:36 – Rat Plague 0:14:35 – The Fruit Flinger 0:22:05 – Livros da Biblioteca 0:24:44 – O Baby Booster 0:27:59 – As Pernas Firmes 0:34:35 – Preparando o Jantar 0:41:54 – Fuga 0:50:14 – Trilhos do Trem 0:51:55 – Abertura do Capítulo 2 0 :53:16 – 1º Troféu Aspirante Aventureiro 0:58:12 – 2º Troféu Aspirante Aventureiro 1:01:29 – 3º Troféu Aspirante Aventureiro 1:03:04 – 4º Troféu Aspirante Aventureiro 1:08:40 – O Reptile Retriever 1: 25:36 – Devolvendo os Répteis 1:31:06 – The Lucky Lock Pick 1:36:25 – Curso de Répteis 1:39:44 – Abertura do Capítulo 3 1:42:50 – The Peppermint Popper 1:49:40 – Campo de Tiro de Hortelã 1:54:36 – O Furacão 2:02:02 – Caverna Coalhada 2:05:59 – Matando as Sanguessugas 2:11:01 – Resgatando Sunny 2:21:46 – A Jogada Final 2:25:51 – Fim 2:28:43 – Bônus de créditos 2:33:51 – Hora da história com o Conde Olaf: Parte 1 2:34:34 – Os órfãos Baudelaire trazidos à vida 2:35:57 – Hora da história com o Conde Olaf: Parte 2 2: 36:28 – Sto rytime com o Conde Olaf: Parte 3


26 thoughts on “Longplay de uma série de eventos infelizes [HD]

  1. A re-recording of a movie game called A Series of Unfortunate Events. In this game you have to find objects to create inventions that'll help you through the stages.

    The graphics quality of this game is pretty bad for a 2004 GameCube game. This is most noticeable during some of the cutscenes which seem pre-rendered low quality files as they come out a little blurry. The main game also doesn't have tremendous graphics, tbh, and it's sometimes pretty difficult to see what's going on as the game is quite dark. Unfortunately it's 30fps, too.

    Game itself is OK. Nothing exciting but not a terrible movie game. I've played this title like 5 or 6 times by now so sorry if I'm sounding dry hahah

  2. Growing up this game taught me how to see the world in a new light how to be crafty ECT I was just lucky and played it at the right age man I miss this game

  3. Best childhood game that everyone wants to play. I watch the movie and man Olaf is a murderer who wants to steal the rich as a poor. I haven’t seen the series yet. The new version about three lovely children who are on the adventure by looking for their parents and get away from Count Olaf and his goons. Also, there’s a PC version from this game. Much different.

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