Como mover e colidir no GameMaker

Construa seu jogo de cima para baixo, começando com movimentos básicos e colisões! Peyton Burnham: Baixe o GameMaker hoje: Tudo o que você precisa para levar sua ideia do conceito ao jogo finalizado. Sem barreiras à entrada e funcionalidades poderosas, o GameMaker é o melhor ambiente de desenvolvimento 2D!


10 thoughts on “Como mover e colidir no GameMaker

  1. give us arrays; ds_list; sine and cosine movement tutorials. This tutorial has just been repeatedly spat out over and over by tons of youtubers. at least expand on it with moving npcs and their ai pathing as well as collisions even if its a simple image_angle = point direction self to player and then moving it forward using player x – npc x and player y – npc y. Maybe spice it up with a if player in line of sight go to chase state otherwise stick to random wandering. Its just insulting to see this low effort tutorial especially on the official gamemaker channel. Or since you probably won't make those tutorials at least recommend fellow youtubers who have more in depth tutorials since their helping your users become more knowledgable than this which is what everyone should learn on their first day.

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