ONDE ESTÁ A CHAVE DE COBRE? (Pronto Jogador Um Evento Roblox)

Este é o evento Roblox mais difícil de todos os tempos! Onde está a chave de cobre?! Para o evento Ready Player One Roblox, você deve encontrar o …


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  1. I remember this even o-o I wish I didn't xD I hated the event and wasted so much time on it what was I doing with my life I hope Roblox never makes an event like that again

  2. First time visiting the channel. And let me say, I really love your videos. They are entertaining and helpful. I'll make sure to leave a like on every video I come across and hit that subscribe button 8)


    Clue #1

    The location of the Copper Key may sound surprising
    Especially if you’ve been antagonizing
    If it’s rehabilitation you seek
    Then come find this grand antique
    Infiltrate this sacred place unharmed
    And there you shall find a secret old charm

    Clue #2

    Whether by night or by day, you’ll find conflict happening in all corners of this open world game.

    Clue #3

    Shift into overdrive and plow into a specific wall at night to infiltrate a secret area.

    Clue #4

    When this game first launched in 2017, it spanned 16,000 lines of code.

  4. Go to vehicle simulator and there is a mountain with a opening and then you can find a clue (friend my so i can lead you to it but you dont need to friend my just saying

  5. It has to be in booga booga, because in jailbreaks description it says “Something weird is going on with that meteor.” And booga booga has added meteors recently. But that is just a theroie

  6. Hello i got the best tip ever… acctuatly i don't wanna share it but… It may be just a syllable or four. But did you look at the JailBreak description before?

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