A que distância você deve zerar seu AR 15?

Este vídeo discute os princípios dos zeros dos rifles e onde os zeros “padronizados” como o 25/300 e o 50/200 ficam aquém. Faça os dados, encontre a solução que melhor se adapta à sua arma, sua ótica e sua munição. Se você quiser saber mais sobre os fundamentos do rifle, confira a série de vídeos Intro to the Tactical Rifle em: https://youtu.be/VwYfIpHZeqY www.greeneyetactical.com


47 thoughts on “A que distância você deve zerar seu AR 15?

  1. Dude, 1 hour plus? Your up there with conspiracy podcasts. Enjoy the info and the work you put into it, but need to plan ahead to absorb all the good info. Think about making a short to compress your point, then a 18min video explaining your point in the short, then watch this one. It's an hour and not sure it's info I want or need, so people will pass on it

  2. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this… Personally I think those who are arguing about which zero is best is the keyboard commando's that live in mommy's basement, eating Cheeto's and complain to their doctor that the only place they have Jaundice is on their penis.. When the day comes that these people actually need to use these skills,, they will tuck tail and run or just hand over their weapon the same way they rolled up their sleeve in fear and became a guinea pig.. WIth that said,,, those who really are aware of the importance of this,,, are probably more so for LEO's or Schiznit hit the fan patriots.. The question that is most important is what is your mission… That will determine your zero… Are you clearing buildings were your farthest shot is maybe 50 feet? or are you out in the boonies where the closest neighbor is a mile or 2 away? And thats where I am.. Out in the boonies… I set up my AR for 0-700,, with a 100yd zero, and anything further than that goes to the more expensive ammo… which these days are over 2 bucks a round in my area… Good grief.. Unreal.. I do reload but I still shoot factory ammo..

    Anyway,,, My favorite is the 100yd zero.. its easier for me to do the math on the fly,, but mostly rely on my kestrel…. That my 2 fractional cents…

  3. Ive been watching a lot of videos and reading articles/books on this subject, and this is the first video that was grounded in logic and did not parrot the bad information of others. Thank you!!

  4. Most of us live in urban or built up areas….
    The best do all ZERO for an AR15 set up is gong to be 200 yards in a wooded or urban setting. In most areas the farthest you can easily see with a clear line of sight is 100 to 200 yards. So from point blank to 200 you're deadly / combat effective. Think about where you live and what you may need to use your AR against.
    I live in a city with wooded urban area's so I personally zero at 50 and then reconfirm at 200.

  5. I find a 16" barrel ar using the standard twist and any 55gr fmj zeroed at 25yrds gives me the best battle hits out to 250-300yrds…..! oh yea and a sight height of 2"…

  6. I sighted my M16 dead on at 200 yds with bottom sights. Anything between 300 and 500 yds I'd flip up long range and either aim dead on for 300-400 or shoot for the head at 400-500. Totally contraditive to what USMC was teaching me and it worked for me.

  7. It had been three years since I last shot my rifle. Moved out into the sticks, built a home shooting range and now I am blowing through 100 rounds a week. This video is very relevant to me in trying to figure out the best way to set up my rifle. Thank you.

  8. I liked this instructional video so much that I put you to the test. I got my 11-year-old daughter, who loves to shoot, to watch this instructional and you explain things so well that she had grasped all of these considerations. I asked her questions and she answered correctly. My point is that you explained things so well that even a preteen child understood the factors that go in through sighting in a rifle. This is an absolutely outstanding video! Thank you for uploading it!

  9. Excellent Job! I am a retired Police Firearms Instructor/ Taught at Police Academy in Buffalo, area Eire and Niagara Co. NY for 7 Years.

    CRITICAL THAT ALL ZEROS, were documented on targets, out to 300 yards, serial # of AR Rifle, and ammo , manufacture, lot number, weather conditions and Instructor who zeros the AR rifle signed on each target.

    Zeros completed yearly.

  10. The quick answer on what distance to sight a rifle at is “maximum point blank range” for your expected target. The problem with this answer is that mpbr varies with the barrel length, the cartridge, the bullet weight and shape as well as the target size.
    A second answer deals with the shooter and is, sighting the rifle at the maximum distance, less than mpbr, that the shooter can keep all his shots in a group 2/3 the size of the expected target with this rifle. This answer also is not very informative.
    For me a .270 Winchester shooting 130 grain bullet would be sighted at 275 yards. A .223 Remington with a 22 inch barrel, 6 power scope, firing 55 grain spitzer bullet for ground squirrels I would sight in at 200 yards. The same rifle to hunt pigs or coyotes I would sight in at 250-275 yards.
    If I was shooting an AR-15 with a 16 inch barrel and shooting 62 grain bullets I probably would not sight in beyond 200 yards for coyotes because the muzzle velocity is much lower, therefore the mpbr is shorter.

    I wrote this and then watched the next 50+ minutes of the video. I note that the ideas I had to give my opinion, were noted in the video. That said I missed some of his points.

  11. Outstanding. Hats off to you for pointing out the LE 50 yrd zero. My agency does that. However most of us who are in a state agency can cover cities (urban) and rural areas. Great point about the large schools and malls. I am baffled by this. Policy is policy and it's in place because it has to be CYA the agency. But we are responsible for every round that goes down range. Should be up to the individual who knows his/her patrol area. Like you pointed out in Texas. What part of Texas? Flat ranch for miles or Dallas? Policing and deadly force via firearms is complicated. Can't just lay down cover and maneuver on the bad guy (99.9% of the time). My agency is just getting around to mounting red dot on our rifles!! I've been qualifying with irons forever. Thank for the video good info and well explained. Felt like I was in training, without falling asleep…..

  12. I think you're talking here about ballistics that are more applicable to long range/high precision shooting that are not achievable with auto and semi auto rifles, unless you got DMR. You should be happy with 1 inch group @ 300 meters with AR platform based rifle. 300-600 meters is DMR territory.

  13. Thought I own several AR-15s & AR-10s, I'm not a really a "tactical" guy, just an avid rifleman who shoots several calibers from several different rifles in each caliber, in several platforms, chasing the best performance I can get out of each weapon for the sheer fun and technical learning I get from it. Of course I also do it to fill the freezer but in all honesty I've never taken an elk past 115 yards so how fussy does one have to be hit vitals on a critter that large that close? That said I do try to record as much data as possible when I'm working out a load for a certain rifle/optic setup. Weather is a factor that plays heavily, making my data collection less consistent, my work more drawn out in time and rounds. I've never shot at an indoor rifle range which would eliminate the weather variable. As far as I know we've only had one in all of Montana and it didn't last long before the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office bought it out for their sole use leaving the shooting public out in the cold, LITERALLY.. Our tax dollars at work, the purchase wasn't even put up for a vote which caused much resentment in the local shooting community for being shut out on two weeks notice, some losing money on their season passes.. Whining aside, you did a great video here that likely opened many eyes and minds. I congratulate you on your fine work well presented and wish you the very best of success in your business.

  14. When I sight in my Big Game Rifle I use a 8 inch MPBR so with my 6mm Rem so at 100 yards I’m 3 inches high at 200 yards 4 inches high and it’s 1 inch low at 300 yards. For what it’s worth my take is sight in at range, what do I mean above Rifle I go to 300 yards and sight it in there. What I have noticed is even sighting in at 100 yards on the bench you think you are dialed in but go to 300 yards on the bench and it’s not uncommon to be off a few inches off left or right even if you though it was correct at 100 yards, so I feel it’s very important to shoot at distance to know if you really are on. Bad news is you have to wait for a calm day. I do believe in MPBR because for Coyotes I use 3 inches so no higher than 1 1/2 inch.
    I just picked up a AR15A4 and plan on putting on a LPVO with ACSS reticle and. will sight it in at 300 yards on the correct post and closer will be verified at the 200 and 100 yards.

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