Game Maker Studio: Os Eventos de Etapa explicados. [Q&A #1]

Apoie-me: Uma explicação detalhada dos três eventos de etapas diferentes no criador de jogos, bem como a ordem dos eventos em geral. Ainda tenho um pequeno (mas incrível) número de apoiadores no e enquanto isso for verdade, dedicarei vídeos inteiros para responder às perguntas deles. Eu tinha planejado originalmente dar respostas curtas e rápidas para muitas perguntas, mas isso também é bom e me dá a chance de realmente aprofundar.


36 thoughts on “Game Maker Studio: Os Eventos de Etapa explicados. [Q&A #1]

  1. What about sound effects in steps? I have a short low health warning with a short flashing animation inside a step. Game maker is not playing the animation and the sound effect seems like it is just starting over at each step. please help.

    Check variable health less than or equal to 50
    play animation
    play sound

    it will display the sprite but the animation wont play, and the sound effect just sounds like its restarting, nothing is looped. /shrug

  2. both the objects still lag behind the your mouse though so why is that, on a touch screen device that would look like it all lags behind, as where your figure is, is where the mouse pointer would be ?.

  3. Awesome, I loved the example at the end with the "lag" issue with objects following each other.  Had that issue with tank turrets not smoothly following the body.  🙂

  4. help please

    action number 1
    of  Step EventHappyface_obj
    for object continue_obj:

    Push :: Execution Error – Variable Get -1.mpos(100014, -1)
     at gml_Object_continue_obj_Collision_0 (line 1) – switch (mpos)

  5. I have a question Shaun, I made a video game called Happy World about a kid whose depressed and trying to find a happier world, I liked everything about it besides one thing, the background music

    I had an awful time trying to add background music to my game, but nothing would work at all, so can you make a tutorial for how to add music to the game? I would like you to also go into detail on how when your in this room, this music plays, but when you go to the next, this different music plays. I hope you get at what I mean here, and thank you if you took the time to read this 🙂

  6. Great Q&A on step events! I honestly didn't completely understand why I would use the other step events over a normal step event… Now…. I know 😀 Thanks Keep up the great work!

  7. Hello! I have a little problem on my game: the player is a ball who bounce every time he touch a wall or floor or things like and other sort of object but sometimes when he bounce on the floor, he change direction, like "yippee I go to the left" and then bam you bounce on the floor and it's like "no you go to the right". Is there a way to fix it? (I use the basic bounce action)

  8. Great video. I've used the different step events a lot but I never knew exactly what order they happen in with respect to the other events. I only new the begin step was first and the end step was last. I've read through the article at 2:06 before but I don't remember all those details. How did you find out about the details at 3:05?

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