Todos os jogos revelados no evento Xbox Tokyo Game Show

Na Tokyo Game Show 2022, o Xbox revela todos os novos jogos projetados para seus usuários no Japão e em outras partes da Ásia. Nunca mais perca um negócio! Veja a extensão do navegador da CNET 👉 Inscreva-se em nosso canal:


12 thoughts on “Todos os jogos revelados no evento Xbox Tokyo Game Show

  1. Ahhhh yes, sony being nice and not buying out the deals to make these Japanese games sony only. While Microsoft buying out every American studio and making the games Xbox only

    Truly hopfuly mircosoft doesn't bite themselves in the foot with Phil hypocrite.

  2. Why would anyone buy a console for old games that are already available on consoles that every gamer in Asia already own ? And the new exclusive they are presenting for the Asian market , except maybe the first one , pales in comparison to what PlayStation and Nintendo are presenting.

  3. Xbox Tokyo Game Show was very good 😎
    Persona 5 Royal, Deathloop, Ni no Kuni and Guilty Gear Strive no longer PlayStation exclusives now coming to Xbox Series consoles and Xbox Game Pass

  4. lol with the power of the xbox you can play 2D side scrolling games for soy boys. One day GTA 6 and the new Elder Scrolls will have a trailer and release date one day ):

  5. These games look so boring.. (Except the 1st game) Not a single game where you can create & customizer your own character omg.. Preset characters & stories are sooo yesterday…

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