PCA Main Event, Mesa Final (Cards-Up)

Cartas até a cobertura da mesa final do Main Event. Mantenha a calma, mantenha a diversão, jogue com responsabilidade: https://www.pokerstars.net/about/responsible-gaming/


34 thoughts on “PCA Main Event, Mesa Final (Cards-Up)

  1. Chino Reem has the Guinness record for "Longest Living Heroin User". He's had to do a lot of angle-shooting…. and dealing to keep this addiction going ! Keep up the lifestyle and don't ever get above 90 Lbs.

  2. No poker players (including the dopey chick announcing) should be rooting for Wellenbach. He is taking the money OUT of the poker community. That is BAAAAAAD for poker. Root for the POKER players. Also, I hope Chino has settled all his past debts; That would make me like him more. Notes all over 2+2 on him being a dink….hope it all gets straightened out.

  3. pokerstars should really focus on PCA and Barcelona only and make them even bigger live events. Who cares about smallish side events like sochi nowadays where winner gets like half a million. Waste of time imo. The poker year divides into World series Main, Super high roller bowl, PCA and Barcelona. Those are still worth watching and one can forget about the rest.

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