Bret Hart sobre preços chocantes de autógrafos de lutadores!

Bret Hart fala sobre os valores de diferentes autógrafos de lutadores e quem é mais valioso e menos valioso! #brethart #wwe #wrestlerautograph


33 thoughts on “Bret Hart sobre preços chocantes de autógrafos de lutadores!

  1. Always love Bret. Funny to see him on his old man thing. Only wish to have seen him get older while healthy and drinking his Canadian beer. A true hero to many indeed. This guy beat concussions, strokes, cancer… And is still cool as he's always been.

  2. I am not surprised that Andre would have just about the most expensive autograph. I immediately started thinking about who could possibly have a more expensive autograph than Andre. Buddy Rogers? "Gorgeous" George Wagner? Some life-long heel who did not sign autographs?

  3. Damn Andrea should have rolled out thousands of autographs for his daughter and friends before we went and he would have done it probably$10,000 in autograph on my goodness God bless Andre the Giant

  4. That final action figure Bret was signing and said he had never seen before asked is actually recent, within the last year or so. It came out as part of a the Masters of the Universe and WWE mashup. I have that Bret figure, really cool.

  5. Getting an autograph first hand like this, is the only way to make sure it's real. Bret's late brother Smith, said he could sign Bret's autograph even better than Bret could himself.

  6. Yeah, collecting rasslers autographs that might go up in value is better than like learning a trade or something.

    And so good for your self esteem as an adult to idolize men you looked up to in your childhood. A good use of your time.

  7. If I could meet anyone in the world it would definitely be Bret the hitman Hart he was my guy growing up the excellence of execution the best there is the best was the best there ever will be the greatest technical wrestler and in ring worker by far 👍♥️🇨🇦

  8. bret hart is signing everthing but he got money for this we don't know if know yes but he is more like i do it for the fan a rembering stuff less for big money !!!as far i know him in book i buy it my life in cartoon of wrestling is specific quote never sale your real fans out it can coast you a reputation something like that thats why he is so beloved all this years!!!

  9. I hate to say it, and I know I'll take some heat for it but I can't stand the guy. He's bitter and literally whining about something everytime I see him talk in an interview.

    He even made a comment about how Goldberg should have offered him money for ending his career while going on (bitterly and seeping of jealousy) about how he's making 3 million some odd bucks for a ten minute match.

    Brett went for the cash grab and jumped to WCW, was never used properly and ended up in an unfortunate accident. You take that chance in this industry just like any professional athlete. I'm not saying he deserved to get hurt or anything, but this stuff happens, unfortunately.

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