WSOP Main Event Dia 2ABC com Jamie Kerstetter e Barstool Smitty | Visualização de 1 hora

Jamie Kerstetter lidera a mesa principal enquanto Barstool Smitty assume o comando da mesa secundária no Dia 2ABC do Main Event da World Series of Poker! Aproveite esta prévia gratuita de 1 hora de nossa cobertura do Main Event com comentários fornecidos por Remko Rinkema. – Assista a toda a World Series of Poker de 2022 exclusivamente no PokerGO: – Inscreva-se em nosso canal do YouTube: – PokerGO Shop: PokerGOshop – O primeiro PokerGO NFT está chegando e, por tempo limitado, os assinantes do PokerGO têm acesso antecipado. Junte-se ao canal PokerGO Discord para obter acesso antecipado e promoções especiais: Conecte-se com o PokerGO nas redes sociais: – Facebook: – Instagram: https: // – Twitter:


20 thoughts on “WSOP Main Event Dia 2ABC com Jamie Kerstetter e Barstool Smitty | Visualização de 1 hora

  1. OH WOW, – If I MAKE IT IN, I just have to get me some of those 'attention-getting gloves, I mean, it's right up there with the "Holly-wooders, 'time wasters,' who sell their souls for $$$='camera action, for want of???…

  2. This guy Sitbon, Jesus.. All that thinking, in the tank and then the sigh call with a pair of 8's.
    What are the chances his opponents bets 3 times after the flop there with Ace King or Ace Queen or a bluff?
    Probably > 5%. Sitbon is one of the types of players that you never bluff. What a calling station.

  3. Poker go you guys suck. Are you intentionally attempting to make poker boring? Commentators absolutely stink. Better have lon, Norman, Ali, schulman in the later days. This is pathetic. Jeff platt coming around and making ppl get up from the table to talk is the ultimate cringe too. This has got to go, Hes so awkward about it too

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