Dezenas de mortos em ataque a estádio de futebol na Indonésia – BBC News

Pelo menos 125 pessoas morreram em um confronto em uma partida de futebol na Indonésia que se tornou um dos piores desastres em estádios do mundo Java Leste. A confusão aconteceu depois que policiais jogaram gás lacrimogêneo em torcedores que invadiram o gramado. O presidente da Fifa, Gianni Infantino, disse que foi “um dia sombrio para todos os envolvidos no futebol e uma tragédia além da compreensão”. Assine AQUI #Indonésia #BBCNews


34 thoughts on “Dezenas de mortos em ataque a estádio de futebol na Indonésia – BBC News

  1. Indonesia is not developed if I look at it. Sport for you to show your friendliness. but what is this , You welcomed us with a car smash and a middle finger. (Underdeveloped Indonesia) Not a professional. And like this, which country will go to your city? A country that is barbarous like this . I have a lot of friends in Indonesia (talking about Indo football fans who smashed Thai cars).

  2. Why do people gone crazy like that because of their favorite team loses a football match ? What a childish, this is so embarrassing, got banned by FIFA because of those childish football supporters

  3. 1:04
    To ask why they lost the game, did they think they wanted to lose? I doubt they wouldnt have played infront of a huge audience(in their home no less) wanting to lose. U dont just go up to people and be like whyd u lose💀

  4. Rip to all those who has fallen in this tragedy. as an Indonesian this truly such as an embarrassing tragedy that should’ve never happened if the losing team fans just take their loses home. I am not a fan of any sports event, i am not making the losing team fans look bad. But you can really see how lots Indonesians are very very sensitive and closes minded and they are very quick to acting things without clear thinking that can lead to something like this. Im sure among the people who riots there, would come home thinking they were the victims.. truly shame..

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