Revisão do Evento de Emergência – com Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel dá uma olhada neste jogo de exploração espacial 00:00 – Introdução 01:12 – Visão geral do jogo 07:36 – Considerações finais Compre ótimos jogos em Encontre mais análises e vídeos em http:/ /


11 thoughts on “Revisão do Evento de Emergência – com Tom Vasel

  1. It's too bad the rest of the game doesn't look like the cover/cards. The other components are plain boring looking. That mixed with the runaway problem and slow movement mechanism make this an easy pass. Thanks for the review Tom.

  2. Lol, I decided rather than watch the whole video to skip to the end to see the final verdict and what popped up was "Too many problems! (WHAM!!)". Guess Tom didn't like it (surprised the gavel didn't shatter the plastic!) 🙂

  3. Space games are really hard to do well.  I'm still looking for the one that's right for me– a medium weight game that's exploration rather than battle oriented– sort of like a lighter space-euro-game–  I'm not looking for an epic.   XIA is close, but I think still a little too epic for me…

  4. This game is such an obvious cash-in on Xia.  They've stolen a number of mechanisms directly and then not done enough development on the areas where they COULD have differentiated and improved.  Too bad; art direction is nice, but clothes don't make the pig.

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