O Evento Principal (ARCADE)

Um popular jogo de luta livre da Konami, uma pena na época NENHUM de nós sabe o que diabos estávamos fazendo, lol


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  1. My friend and I used to team up as El Condor (masked wrestler) and Kamikaze Ken (the Rick Steamboat lookalike). They had a speed advantage over the rest of the characters. This video shows how effective being able to mash the single button with drumroll-like rhythm was in getting a submission or kicking out. But it doesn't show very well how to time double team moves or how to effectively prevent an opposing team's partner from arriving for the save. Also, it doesn't show the failsafe method of winning by count out as many times as you'd like. With Ken or El Condor, drag (via headlock) or lure the opponent near the top right corner. From there, you could inflict some damage. Then suplex the opponent over the top rope to the floor. Jump out to the floor off the top turnbuckle, landing a flying body press. When the opponent gets up wobbling, drag him to the bottom right corner. Irish whip him and he will run himself all the way into guardrail on the bottom right. Follow after him and Irish whip again. He'll run himself into the guardrail on the opposite side. In the meantime, have your character roll back into the ring after the second Irish whip. The opponent will get counted out and you will win. Alternatively, if you are getting bored or just want to have some fun, you can stay outside the ring for a double countout. The ref will leave the ring and there will be an all-out four-man brawl. Even if you eventually "win" the brawl, it's officially a double count out and no energy gets restored. But it is fun to do if you've built up a lot of energy. As El Condor or another cheating heel (with the biting/choking moves) you can do a lot of weardown damage. But if you damage them too much… too many slams, knee drops, they'll "Hulk up" and completely rejuvenate their energy. The double team moves had to be timed perfectly and you both had to be in the right position– especially the double dropkick. The easiest double team was the illegal man punches to the back of the opponent's head, the legal man lands a move as the opponent staggers and then you both stomp away til the illegal man automatically goes back to their corner. One final trick, which is demonstrated many times. The super heavyweights are very slow and miss a lot of punches. It's quite easy to get them to miss, stagger and then inflict damage. This whole game is about where you are positioned relative to the opponent when you hit the big single button. The set of moves is a bit random but there are a couple of possible moves per your positioning relative to the opponent. So it is possible, for example, for El Condor to get in a quick series of wear down moves, an aerial or cheating move and then slap on the figure four when you want him to.

  2. I dominated this game. I played forever with just one quarter. They called me the Wizard. Couldnt beat the game though cause it only goes to 99 then starts over infinitely.

  3. Loved the game. My brother and I would play. Instantly tag in the other guy and you can double team then go for the pin. Hit the button until you got callouses. 🙂 I don't remember how much we won or lost but I remember how much fun it was.

  4. Funny how a lot of these old games have near copies of actual wrestlers. Here you have Hulk Hogan (with a little more hair), Andre the Giant (with red hair), King Kong Bundy (with a bit of hair added), Ricky Steamboat, Mil Mascaras and Koko B.Ware. The two others are a little more original, although they do kind of look like one is based on Demolition/the Road Warriors and the other perhaps on Billy Jack Haynes or some other wrestler.

  5. My brother and I spent 100s of hours playing this game at the Daytona beach Florida boardwalk arcade:) awesome memories from more then 30 years ago.

  6. Wow this takes me back. I was young at the time couldn't play for crap but loved watching my brother and cousin play. Remembering my cousin beating the hell out of the button to where we were told to leave or to cool it. Lmao

  7. This was one of my favorite arcade games, I may hold a record, playing continually for over 4 straight hours on 1 quarter, my strategy was simple , Use El Condor and Saturn Six as a team, but El Condor was all I needed. Once the bell rung, I'd wait for the opponent to come to my corner, I'd hit the rope and shoulder block him ( which caused opponent to fall) then I'd apply the Figure 4 leg lock. My fast reflexes pressing the Action button would cause a submission within 4 seconds. I used this strategy for over 4 hours on 1 quarter and with my fingers aching and my wrestlers still fighting, I walked away from the arcade machine. Thanks for the video!! AWESOME!

  8. (Commenting an old video). Had a great time with this game back in the day! I had the arcade board at one point, and hooked up a turbo joypad to it. 😉 You can get pretty far with a turbo pad, and every pin was guaranteed to be a 3-count! But, eventually I couldn't knock the computer down at all, the match just kept going forever. Still fun!

  9. This one brings back a ton of memories playing it at my local Wal-Mart and local Pizza Hut back in the late 80s. As I understand it, it is somewhat of a rarity because very early into it's life the WWF got it pulled from arcades because it claimed infringement.

  10. If I recall correctly, this game only had one large button to push. You had no control over what moves the wrestlers performed. This game was a lot of fun back in the day though.

  11. indeed. Gauntlet was usually the candidate for conversion of both Main Event and Crime Fighters. After TMNT came out, Konami began to create dedicated 4 player cabinets (while still making conversion kits for Gauntlet and Gauntlet II).

  12. I remember this game because Gauntlet and Gauntlet 2 cabinets were replaced by this game in arcades in Cleethorpes….Funny thing is that in one of the arcades they had this game and forgot to replace the Gauntlet display ..they finally did it after about a year LOL!!!

  13. that was practically the fun of Main Event – following the cliche of Konami's games which encourage mindless button abuse (a.k.a. relentless button mashing) in order to beat the opponent team. Interestingly enough, some voice samples in Main Event are recycled from 1987's Blades of Steel.

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