Céu: Filhos da Luz | Jogo mais relaxante que já joguei (mobile/iOS)

Me deparei com este jogo para celular / iOS intitulado Sky: Children of the Light, um jogo de aventura único e misterioso desenvolvido pela mesma equipe que criou Journey. Não tendo feito nenhuma pesquisa, entrei neste jogo completamente cego. Acredito que o objetivo do desenvolvedor é fazer você sentir algum tipo de emoção. Para mim, realmente acho que este é um jogo que pode ajudar alguém a lidar com a ansiedade ou o estresse. Eu nunca toquei algo tão frio na minha vida. Jogar sem fones de ouvido seria desrespeitoso, então, por favor, jogue-o corretamente se você tentar lol. ————————————————– —————————————- VPN/Ping Booster ► https://www .exitlag.com/refer/852770 Twitch ►https://www.twitch.tv/cryyfuu Twitter ►http://www.twitter.com/cryyfuu Discord ► https://discord.gg/cryycult (arte em destaque você’ às vezes verei no canal – 2019+) Artist Raven ► http://www.twitter.com/onmyyouji_raven Artist Godfall ► http://www.twitter.com/godfallHD


38 thoughts on “Céu: Filhos da Luz | Jogo mais relaxante que já joguei (mobile/iOS)

  1. When i was searching to the rpg game to find a diablo style game when stumble sky just looking at it the artstyle is just amazing and preview makes even better to even install it havent played pero wanna try it out

  2. This game just depicts our life, like good parts and the hardships also…. It's just like I'm inside the game, and am the protagonist. The background tunes are so gentle….🤍🤍

  3. Just saying, this game has the same created as journey and it’s very popular in China (at least i only know it’s popular in China) I personally like it a lot, and you can make a lot of friends in it.

  4. I was searching for something when I stumbled across a playlist of soundtracks for a game called 'Sky'.

    I listened to just the first track, and I knew it would be amazing, both this soundtrack playlist and the game, and…I WAS DAMN SURE IT WOULD BE A PC GAME (OR PS4/XBOX etc) AND POSSIBLY INDIE.


  5. I play this every night just to escape, relax, this game ticks all the right boxes for my inner self. It's a dream on my phone and in my headphones. lol

  6. i was gonna say you should try journey for a even more peaceful game. Then i remembered the monsters eating cute creatures in the sky is very peaceful too…
    source: trust me

  7. this game is so relaxing and beautiful i loved this game so much and used to play everyday (loved the feeling of flying lol) until i got to the eye of eden and bruh those creatures are so scary that after i died i never went back

  8. I discovered this game developer as a kid because of an indie game in the PS3, journey, it's really beautiful too, and since then they have had a really interesting vision on co-op play. I love everything that they do.

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