Jogabilidade de mesa de peixe dragão dourado | Fui enganado por $ 500 😩 Tenha cuidado aqui 😤

Jogabilidade da mesa de peixe Golden Dragon, apenas tentando recuperar algum dinheiro pelo qual fui enganado! #dragãodourado #mesadepeixe


21 thoughts on “Jogabilidade de mesa de peixe dragão dourado | Fui enganado por $ 500 😩 Tenha cuidado aqui 😤

  1. Dang that’s messed up bro, but you’ll get back double for your trouble. I’ve gotten scammed too. One thing I’ve noticed if they are so persistent in convo and pushy most likely it’s a scam.

  2. I got scammed by this same person that he is talking about, the exact same person got me out of $200, I wish I could talk to him personally, someone named Balla Gaming did the exact same thing to me telling me about an online jammer that they can install on your account that they want you to set up through a phone number that they give you. As soon as I opened up that account with them and sent that money, Bella went offline and the number that I texted to open the fishtable account was out of service

  3. I can relate too man, I lost like 60 bucks last week to 3 scammers on Facebook it sucked . I'm a mother of 2 and my husband is struggling to get money right now so I tried to get us some money and these mfs have no shame.

  4. If you use your banking account report it and send in evidence of you can. The jammer is real and that's how a lot of those players who play extremely high win most of the time. They use it on the phone and in real life. And it works for casinos its sad but true. I was scammed and save msgs and everything and got my bank involved.

  5. I never send more than $50 at a time unless I have been playing with these groups for a while. I tried to sign up with a group on Facebook, they asked for a deposit. I said sure… I'll send you $1.00…after I get my account. They blocked me.

    Meant to tell you to request refund in Cashapp. Over $200 is grand larceny and financial wire fraud. The bank will go after that person. It's a federal crime since they used deception.

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