200 jogos antigos para Android | (Parte 1/2)

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33 thoughts on “200 jogos antigos para Android | (Parte 1/2)

  1. Game 1- 8 ball pool
    Game 2- 2048
    Game 3- Air control 3
    Game 4- alien creeps TD
    Game 5- ailen zone
    Game 6- alto adventure
    Game 7- angel stone rpg
    Game 8- anger of stick 5
    Game 9- angry birds
    Game 10- angry granny smash
    Game 11- ant smasher
    Game 12- apocalypse of skyland
    Game 13- asphalt 9: airborne
    Game 14- aurum blade ex
    Game 15- bad piggies hd
    Game 16- badlands
    Game 17- banana kong
    Game 19- beach buggy racing
    Game 19- beat the boss
    Game 20- bekeweled blitz
    Game 21- benji bananas
    Game 22- big hunter
    Game 23- blades of brim
    Game 24- bmx boy
    Game 25- bomber field
    Game 26- bombsqaud
    Game 27- boom beach
    Game 28- brain it on!
    Game 29- broken dawn 11 hd
    Game 30- burger
    Game 31- can knockdown
    Game 32- canabalt hd
    Game 33- candy crush saga
    Game 34- chess free
    Game 35- clash of clans
    Game 36- clash royal
    Game 37- cloud and sheep
    Game 38- clumsy ninja
    Game 39- cooking master
    Game 40- crazy snowboard
    Game 41- criminal case
    Game 42- crossy road
    Game 43- cut the rope
    Game 44- daddy was a theif
    Game 45- dan the man
    Game 46- day r survival
    Game 47- dead effect
    Game 48- dead trigger
    Game 49- death worm free
    Game 50- defender

    Im to lazy to do the other 50 lol

    I hope you find the game your looking for

  2. there was this game that was a zombie related game,the starting game was a girl sitting in a non fire and you can select a lvl you want to play ,it had like many viechles and like walls and there were monsters between these walls
    The second game was a fun hoverboard game we’re there we’re different levels but in the starting lobby there was a area we’re you would like free play in and there were like boosts until you went to the door we’re you want to play and it shifts to a 2d perspective and basically Mario but you collect coins

  3. I remember this game, it was 3d and it had a ''Paper Mario'' like aesthetic.

    If I recall you had to swipe from level to level using rollerblades to get to the different separated isles (I think it was set in the sky).

    The protagonist had orange hair I think, and you could unlock different skins

    If someone knows the name please tell me, I'm going nuts trying to find it

  4. Does anyone remember about one game,there are you playing for some space soldier in knight suit and defending yourself from some aliens?It has some badass rock music,and it was look like "Soldier vs aliens",but better.

  5. I’m just trying to remember what that one zombie shooter game was, all the zombies looked blocky but weren’t like Minecraft looking.

  6. im trying to find an old game that has paper based graphic, the character as far as i remember was a blue cow, yellow bird and another one. its a simulation game and you can basically fishing, build houses out of wood and there was do many cool stuff. pls if anyone knows

  7. Hello! Im trying to find an old android game that i don't know the name of. The game is basically about a sheriff who goes through graveyards, trains and stuff like these while killing monsters i recall it was a 2D game. Could somebody help me?

  8. Help me find this game name.
    I totally forgotten.
    It's a platform Plane game, where that plane goes from left to right in screen, the plane will change to submarine and can pass in water and also can turn into driller vehicle and travel through land.
    More like "dragon hill".

  9. I'm looking for a game that was about robots, you could rent some robots, some used swords, others weapons and you could make several combinations, I remember that on the lobby screen there were 3 spaces to select these robots, to look for the battles there was a type enemy radar and had several epic bosses. I remember some robots, one was yellow that used swords, did little damage but was spinning so it drained a lot, I remember a panda robot etc; This game is very nostalgic for me, there's also another one but it's not that important, it was like a black fungus that connected to the ceiling and eliminated some enemies, usually the ceiling that connected was white and the scenery was pink as if it were inside a brain

  10. I can’t seem to find this one game, either it got deleted off the App Store or I’m thinking of the wrong name but I swear it used to be called Animal camp or something and there was also an animal school one.. it was kind of like a build your own school or camp and I remember the title screen had animals on it with a gate or something. I could’ve sworn it’s a real game, I’m not sure where it went

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