Dead Space Mobile Versão 2022 – Jogabilidade iOS/Android

Dead Space Versão Móvel 2022 – Jogabilidade iOS/Android Dead Space é um jogo móvel de terror de sobrevivência desenvolvido pela IronMonkey Studios e publicado pela Electronic Arts (EA) para dispositivos iOS e Android. Mais gameplays para Android:


18 thoughts on “Dead Space Mobile Versão 2022 – Jogabilidade iOS/Android

  1. 5 лет играю, прекрасная игра. В отличии от большенства современных, проводить в ней время интересно

  2. This is Dead Space Mobile from 2012. I played this before and this game launch same time as Dead Space 2 and include as Canon because tell what happen in Sprawl and before Dead Space 2

  3. Does anyone know if this game is compatible with any controller? I used Xbox bluetooth controller and was only able to use the start button to pause the game.

  4. The only thing that sucked about the android port was that it didn’t include the latest update to it that added in a time/survival mode, the infinite pulse rifle, and nightmare difficulty (which imo, is the definitive way to play the game, not being able to regenerate health requiring you to depend on upgrading your suit through the store or upgrading your health through the rig at the bench is what made everything so tense, especially the tram parts.)

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