Voodoo – A definição de mediocridade

Neste vídeo, dou uma olhada em uma empresa que é definitivamente menos que estelar, a Voodoo. Eles fazem jogos .io no celular e são um dos desenvolvedores de jogos para celular mais populares de todos os tempos. Infelizmente, eles fazem jogos para celular com fome de dinheiro medíocre que estão cheios de anúncios. Segundo canal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaNw1_-Jc9DVDWH899Wsv2g Twitter: https://twitter.com/T3rr0r626 ——————— ——————- Música usada (em ordem): Cut The Rope Theme Guns (Instrumental) – Friday Night Funkin’ Rusty Cage Música de fundo – Rusty Cage KARLSON VIBE – Evan King Fire Temple (versão cantada) – The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time D-Code – Dust Devil Options – Mario Kart Wii Estamos finalmente aterrando – Menu Wi-Fi HOME – Mario Kart Wii


45 thoughts on “Voodoo – A definição de mediocridade

  1. If you enjoy the newer video style feel free to show your support by liking the video.
    Also a few people are saying it's ironic how I made a 10 minute video about a greedy mobile game company and that would be pretty funny if the 10 minute mark still meant something. For those who don't know mid-roll ads used to only be on videos 10 minutes or longer, however that time was changed to 8 minutes in late 2020 so the 10 minute mark doesn't matter anymore.

    So I made a game review in this style in case anyone is interested: https://youtu.be/vPAD3C3qAh8

  2. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son [Jesus Christ], that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” – John 3:16

  3. the sad thing is that a lot of these seem like really good BASE ideas for games, on which a slew of creative mechanics and level designs could be built… but they don't do anything with them. because they don't give a shit

  4. I don't know if this is just the algorithm but i don't see any poor mad games on the main page of playstore, if it's just the algorithm you can still just search for indie games and find masterpieces like "The way home" and "Mars:mars", by what i know the way home is a fully 100% only mobile game, no pc port.

  5. I have a cousin who uses their parents phone to play games. All the games are voodoo games. When they get an ad for another voodoo game, they instantly download it, adding to the chaos. I've counted at least 10 different games on one page of the homescreen, but there's definitely more.

  6. What's going on with today's mobile games. Back then i was a kid mobile games were epic! The ads are accurate and the gameplay was good. Games like PVZ, PVZ2, Minecraft, Kingdom rush, Pou, Etc.

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