Mobile precisa de um jogo como este!!

Depois de jogar um pouco do novo multijogador Halo Infinite no PC, fiquei realmente desejando que tivéssemos algo como Halo no celular! Vocês gostariam de ver uma nova franquia, ou mesmo uma existente como a NOVA voltar para o celular e nos dar aquela jogabilidade tipo Halo?? Certifique-se de gostar e se inscrever para mais vídeos! Siga minhas redes sociais para receber notificações sobre quando estou fazendo upload e para manter contato 🙏 Discord: Twitter: Facebook: https://www.facebook. com/jaboosle TikTok: Meu dispositivo: Samsung Galaxy S21 Software de gravação: Software de edição de captura de tela: Videoleap Thumbnail Software: Photoshop e Photoshop Mix #mobile #mobilegames #mobilegaming #halo #haloinfinite # nova #nova3 #novalegacy


28 thoughts on “Mobile precisa de um jogo como este!!

  1. The game (N.O.V.A 3) was only a dream of mine back when I was in college. It's just bad luck that I have a really shitty phone. That's why I was sad when it was taken out on the play store when I finally had a phone that can handle it. Luckily…mods are everywhere and I can enjoy it right now. And you're right, despite being old, the game is still a marvel to look at and play. Graphics are still astonishing as heck! I even labeled it on the thumbnail of the gameplay video that I made on my channel as "A Visual Marvel" cuz it's just that lit! 🔥

  2. I figured Infinity Ops might be worth mentioning as a futuristic sci fi shooter that could loosely be associated with Halo. Those developers have a past shooter (World War Heroes), present shooter (Modern Strike), and future shooter (Infinity Ops). I really like the graphics and gameplay of Inifnity Ops, except the controls are somewhat lose, and there is such a bad issue with match making and facing players with much higher armor and abilities, let alone a legendary set of guns in each gun class that is head and shoulders above every other gun in each glass. What a shame, because there is a potentially good sci fi futuristic shooter there. Ironically, World War Heroes and Modern Strike are each getting regular updates, but Infinity Ops last update was 11 months ago, even though people are still playing.

  3. I used to play nova 3 freedom edition, ngl best graphics at those time, the multiplayer and jetpacks, weapons, vehicles everything top notch for that time, sadly got taken out ;-;

  4. Gameloft's best game Nova 3, Modern Combat 4, Asphalt 8 but now they fucked everything by releasing Nova legacy (Shit), Modern Combat 5 & Versus (Shittier), Asphalt 9 (Shittiest). I miss those old days 🥲🥲🥲. Nowadays games are pure online pay to win shit. I totally hate it.

  5. Nova 3 felt like a Halo game. Multiplayer felt so good I didn't get much time to play it but when I did it was just an amazing experience for a mobile game

  6. Thx exactly what I was thinking when I was watching Halo Infinite's mp gameplay! And it really does coz there nothing like it…the closest to the experience is Nova legacy but it's a bad impression of halo lol

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