Dead Space (2023) é um remake bem feito [Exclusive Gameplay]

Eu joguei o novo remake de Dead Space cedo e coloquei a mão na massa com todos os novos recursos. É fantástico. Aqui está o porquê. 🔥


29 thoughts on “Dead Space (2023) é um remake bem feito [Exclusive Gameplay]

  1. I've got a a great idea. Let's remake games that are only a year or two old. You know, maybe take some steaming piles of crap and just remake them to grab more dollars. That we we could leave the good games alone and stop "remaking" them.

  2. The tran system was used as a way to load the next level and right at the beginning of the original game, you need to repair the tran system so that you could use it to get to the next level. Is the tran system in the remake? If not since you can walk to where you need to go, is the mission to repair the tran system removed?

  3. The remake looks really good, excluding the massive price increase and some of the scenes being changed into cutscenes for no reason.

  4. This is pure dumpster fire and an insult to the original game. Nichole looks like my grandmother and Isaac looks like 12 years old. And for god sake what happen to Kendra? Are you guys for real, or this is a joke? This is not a remake this is another woke bullshit.

  5. Just played dead space 1 and 2, binging it for 3 days, I really enjoyed it and I'm glad Elle survived. All the survivors should run when they see Issacs coming, as a few seconds later they die lol.

  6. just wanna say this, you play dead space HORRIBLY dawg. spamming the plasma cutter when you only need 2-4 shots per enemy throughout the entire game excluding bosses and guardians 🤣😂great review though the game looks sick I'll definitely play it because of you.

  7. But, does everything have to be a remake or a reboot now? In general, this is getting ridiculous now.. video games r just becoming movies now, even down the obsession with remaking classics that r almost always better than the remake.. and people still get excited for this? Why couldn’t they just make a new dead space game rather than remake a previous one? It makes no damn sense

  8. As we near launch, all I hope for is that they stick the landing. Everything I've seen of this game only serves to enhance Dead Space, from visuals to gameplay to the lore and story. It has great potential for a revival of the series but if it launches in a broken state then that potential will be cut down dramatically. Other than that, I'm super excited to play it

  9. Is it? because recently they've shown footage where they are now replacing in-game playable sections with cinematics, really awkward jumpscares and the awful character re-designs for a "modern audience"

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