O que esperar da sua festa GameTruck

Nossa equipe profissional tornará seu evento GameTruck fácil e bem-sucedido, do qual você se orgulhará


28 thoughts on “O que esperar da sua festa GameTruck

  1. I had a band party and there was a gaming bus there was 4 ps4’s, 4 xbox ones 4 controllers for each console and around 100-150 games 4 speakers for each tv these numbers may be around the same or more or even less but thats around what you can expect so try and look up the gaming bus and what it looks like for that type if you can so that you know what your getting for your buck mine also costed around 115 dollars at the least and i think they said it can hold 24 people at a time but from the amount of controllers i think only 16 can play at a time only thing i didn’t like was they could not connect it to the internet meaning no online games but multiplayer works but for some games like Minecraft it was a little laggy when you started to have a lot of players on it but i think this only happened since they weren’t allowed to connect it to the school wifi or because its outside and some of the games i saw were Minecraft, rocket league, mortal combat (forgot the version if there’s multiple mortal combats), just dance (again don’t know if theres multiple just dances so don’t know which version it was if there is) a few others that i played/saw that i forgot the name of and there was more as well that i saw them have in a book of discs overall i think it was worth it and if you are a parent make sure your child likes the setup show pictures of that the seller had and see what they think but do research as well and if your child do your research and get your parents to show you pictures of the gaming bus to make sure you like it and finally if your a teacher do research and make sure you do other activity’s other than the bus if you can since it might get boring for people that don’t like game most students will love it but some don’t these other activity’s can be something as simple as board games and only around 16 can play at a time anymore might be difficult but can be done for games that have more than 4 players each but all the students at that gaming area playing from that tv/monitor would have to agree or at least the majority of them so you can have students play for 15 to 30 minutes in groups of 16 or less if needed try making a list that the students sigh so you know which groups going in (thats my review for gaming bus’s sorry if it was long just had a lot to say)

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