Como iniciar o desenvolvimento de jogos para dispositivos móveis

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  1. I want to make mobile games for one particular reason. I feel like there aren't any good mobile games anymore. Everything has gone pay 2 play or free to play with microtransactions, and most of the ios or android games aren't even good. Either they are knock off games, unity asset flips, scams, or just bad games. I want to bring back the old days of mobile gaming when there was actual passion and effort put into making a game and have it be fun. I remember games like Nova, Modern Combat, Infinity blade, Resident evil 4 and Resident evil degeneration, an astroid shooter type game, and many more were playable, and none of them were cheap cash grabs with microtransactions and ads. You could just buy those games and play it. And as a person who wants to get into game development, I want to take part in making mobile games that aren't just asset flips or gambling machines. I want to prove that mobile gaming can still be good.

  2. Thank you so much, im 13 and i really want to try out making a game, i want to become a game developer in the future my friend also wants to help me THIS HELPED A LOT!

  3. Thanks for the video. Its very informative. Also, your studio is a little dark and the graphics (game and work screens) are white and bright. Which causes a little viewer distraction. (I m a photographer) My suggestion is that you increase just a little exposure in your video/studio to get rid of this contrast. You're welcome

  4. Hi Kalle, I am a web app developer with java. I want to start developing games. I just wanted to know do I need to learn C# for android games or java is enough because the most used tool these days is unity and I don't want any performance or quality-wise issues. What are the best practices and best tools these days?

  5. At 07:11 Is it any difficult or less efficient to use a virtual machine while uploading your game to the Apple App store? Because I have a Windows PC and I don't look forward to buy a MacBook.

  6. Hey guys I wanted to know what laptop/pc should I get for programming?

    Please read à little more below

    I've just started learning Python and I'm loving it (I've no prior experience in any type of coding/programming) my goal is to make an android game (I've read I should learn kotlin/Java but since py is so easy, I thought I should learn it first to get a general idea of what coding is all about) please help.

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