10 TRUQUES E TRUQUES PARA PC que você provavelmente não conhecia

Jogadores de PC iniciantes – aqui estão algumas dicas e truques para melhorar sua experiência de jogo no PC. Inscreva-se para mais: https://www.youtube.com/gameranxTV?sub_confirmation=1


42 thoughts on “10 TRUQUES E TRUQUES PARA PC que você provavelmente não conhecia

  1. No need for always on top for task manager. If an application freezes and blocks view of task manager. Open task manager with ctrl shift ESC. Then press the first letter of application that's frozen then hit delete and enter. You will close the app that's frozen without need to restart the pc

  2. ok guys I agree and disagree with some things said but its good to test both on or off with individual apps/games as they may assist you drastically!
    further more

    ISLC- Intelligence Standby List Cleaner
    Fix your Timing Resouloution!
    Clean your Standby Ram(IE Windows Background apps/Closed…Unclosed apps)

    A must for gaming to monitor performance and tweek/overclock
    here u can set your cores(advanced) timing, Frequency and Voltage(Card Dependant)
    runs in conjunction with RTSS(Riva Tuner Statistics Server)
    witch allows you to to record and monitor performance!

    TCP Network Optimizer
    This tool is a once off setup
    It allows you to clean up your network settings

    Update your Ethernet card Driver
    Run as Admin,Set to optimal & Restart your pc

  3. No, do not rely on defender!!! I work for a cyber security company and we remediate for defender users everyday. Which means they are getting infected every day!!!💪💯

  4. omg #3 helps so much. I passed my A+ cert and I still wondering wtf is going on when I tried to escape the app and nothing was happening.

  5. This might sound crazy, but I game pretty much exclusively on Linux these days. It honestly feels more stable for most games on Steam than Windows because of all the weird, quirky settings Windows has. Of course, I have to switch to Windows for competitive online multiplayer games or Skyrim (due to mod compatibility), but if anyone out there is Linux-curious and also like to game, give Pop!_OS a try. Experiences may vary, of course, but here are some of the games I've been playing at 4k with over 60 Hz recently with no crashes or weird bugs: Cyberpunk 2077 (zero crashes or freezes in about 15 hours of gameplay, which I thought was impossible), Ghostwire: Tokyo, Bully Scholarship Edition, Civ 6, Beyond: Two Souls, Control Ultimate Edition, and a few others. There are some games that simply won't work, or have weird issues, but they're few and far between.

    Side note: I work in IT and the vast majority of our issues come from buggy behavior in Office applications, Active Directory, SCCM, Teams being weird and clingy with credentials, OneDrive just being confused, Windows blue screens and other issues that stem from the Microsoft ecosystem. It's nice to be able to come home and distance myself from all things Microsoft. So maybe Linux is like a weighted blanket for me lol

  6. bro don't call msi after burner software a junk. i played skyrim in radeon 5450 1 gb with at least 30 mods and 3 dlcs. gpu is un used today but can still run if i burn my current gpu gtx 1650 super.

  7. #8 just windows tab and shift your game to another screen or desktop or whatever you wanna call it, go back to the first screen and voila but the tip still works so good for when youre unexpectedly dropping frames in a fullscreen game, you'll find out if a software or something is causing the issue

  8. 1.
    One thing he fergot some 144 displays use screen modes so depanding on the mode youre in youre screen may be 144 hrz or heigher but it worn show higher then 6 in the hrz setting
    If this happend you need to make sure in the stettings of youre screen that is set correctly
    Also funny he didnt mention that even multiple screens can have a impack on its own not because more programs
    But just having more then one screen connected to you pc can cause preformance problems

    Vsync syncs (forces) you the game you youre pc refresh rate and yes if you have a lower end pc that cant even hit a normal 60 FPS you will have problems

  9. Falcon, if those are screen shots of your own desktop, I gotta say I fully approve of the olde tyme games you've got there! Specifically C&C Generals, Yuri's Revenge, and Thief 2. YR is one of my all-time favs. Unfortunately I need to reinstall it because I tried to set it to a higher screen res, and now you can see shit when you start it up!

  10. Two extra tips:
    1- Using RTSS to lock your refresh rate stabilizes your frametimes so much it's is like magic. It's by far better than doing it inside the application or even on Nvidia Preferences.
    2- Low Latency and Nvidia Reflex actually helps a lot with stuttering and frametime. The last one costs a little extra energy, but nothing crazy. It's worth trying if you're having stutter on a high end rig.

  11. Overclocking is a bad idea for 1 it creates more heat, 2 it shortens your GPU and CPU life span. If your using V-Sync on a tv turn this off it will improve performance.

  12. Does anyone have thought on razor snynaps or quartex or whatever its called. I ran it on my pc and it now runs much better. I'm very new to this so talk dumbed down

  13. well in 02:45
    in older days when i was playing gta san andreas with some mods it was crashing and sometimes it freezes everything so what i did is just pressing the ctrl+alt+del buttons together and i select the task manager then i force stop the game from the task manager without restarting the pc

  14. For some reason xbox game bar will often interfere with my gpu on certain games. I have a 3080 that runs amazing but when game bar is on certain games will have gpu usage all over the place and i cant get a stable frame rate. Turn off gamebar and boom its fine. even microsoft games like forza and gears 5 did it.

  15. mmmm Bloatware same as antivirus? if you're like me and i presume most here will be and are around torrent, Movies and related parts of the net it's good to have free AV. Now you shouldn't pay for AV just like you shouldn't pay for healthcare dear American users (OHHHH NO HE DIDNT!!?!?? yes…yes i did) But comparing AV to the ram extenders of old is too much.
    AV's try to make money defending your PC yes but WindowsDA is mediocre as far as i hear. And there ARE ups to per example Avast free antivirus. On a website you can leave ratings getting compiled for all. So when you watch movies…like i do. Its really good to immediately see the bad apples BEFORE clicking on them, and more ups iek that.

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