Melhor jogo multiplayer para PC – Pocket tanks

é um jogo mini-multijogador. é um jogo muito divertido, viciante e matador de tempo. aqui está o link para download:- Os tanques de bolso estão disponíveis nas plataformas PC, Android e iOS, por favor, inscrevam-se, pessoal — ficarei muito grato


34 thoughts on “Melhor jogo multiplayer para PC – Pocket tanks

  1. Just got reminded of this when I watched Oneyplays play this DOS game of two farmers trying to kill each other and now I'm having a nostalgiagasm, thanks for the video!

  2. There's another tank game just like this but a bit more stuff to do… more fun. Does anyone know what game I'm talking about. I'm tryna find the name of it. Its played with up to 1-4 players I think. Its just like this. I used to play it during school with friends in a computer class. Like the game I'm taking about allows you to check the wind..and you get points from winning to unlock new shots or unlock defensive perks. Its on pc players use the same keyboard but I forgot the name of it. I'm only stating what I remember…u can teleport

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