THE OREGON TRAIL – Jogabilidade para PC / Sem comentários

A jogabilidade do Oregon Trail PC sem comentários. Jogabilidade gratuita de comentários de Gameloft The Oregon Trail no PC / Steam. Isso cobre o prólogo exibindo a mecânica. Este jogo tem um belo estilo de arte e a música é incrível.


7 thoughts on “THE OREGON TRAIL – Jogabilidade para PC / Sem comentários

  1. I love this remake of the game, and the graphics are beautiful. Kinda miss the old adventure side, but really glad they are representing real American people.

  2. Whoever wrote that woke intro apparently has never heard of the Comanches. It wasn't all koombyah with the natives, they were constantly committing atrocities among their own and other tribes. So they dont care about that history, because it doesn't fit in with their woke agenda. Cool. Pass.

  3. The difference between being virtuous and virtue signaling: you do what you think is right without letting the world know about it. It's a shame this company went with the latter. They get no coin from me.

  4. Ughh. You can acknowledge native Americans (maybe even make an original game about them) without reducing the adventurous spirit and geniune risks and ingeniuty taken of the settlers. I mean geez, these people crossed deserts, rivers, mountains, died in droves looking for a better life, and you've got them being the passive dependants on the wonderful goodly good altrusistic lovely amazing natives. I love Oregon Trail, I still play the old one sometimes bad graphics and all. This is just. No thanks.

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