Passo a passo completo da jogabilidade do MYST 2021

Explore MYST em uma dimensão totalmente nova! Viaje para as Eras, desvende quebra-cabeças e faça parte da aventura surrealista que se tornará sua. A jogabilidade do MYST contém uma explicação completa da história do jogo. Para ver outras partes da jogabilidade do MYST, verifique a lista de reprodução. #myst #mystpc #gameplay


22 thoughts on “Passo a passo completo da jogabilidade do MYST 2021

  1. I have played Myst many times over the years, but one thing I have never done without looking it up is the rocket ship maze.
    Is there a clue to the path somewhere that I just didn't see?

  2. LOL, this game has no ending! Without that video I would still wondering around the island in order to figure out what to do next! How players are suppost to know they beat the game?! Strange thing is also, I managed to get access father world BEFORE I figured out the last puzzel (island with underground train). Really weird.

  3. Was just wondering how you figured out the underground room with all the buttons on the compass table and what was the clue you seem to have got from the Telescope you were moving around?

  4. This is a good-looking remake. A minor quibble is that in the original game, you see something sticking out at the top of the elevator here 1:28:00, which is the clue for you to lower the elevator; but in the new game you see nothing sticking out, and it wouldn't occur to you to lower the elevator (nor to figure out the tricky way to lower it).

  5. Me and my dad played this growing up, it was always so magical and creepy. But you don't die or respawn, its just a great puzzle game. I recommend tallying clues on a notepad or something as you go. 😅

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