Por que as portas de jogos para PC AINDA são ruins

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35 thoughts on “Por que as portas de jogos para PC AINDA são ruins

  1. Before I watch the video the answer is simple. The ports are typically not made by the same developer. Good night.

    I mean seriously though, this goes both ways heavily. The number of bad ports to console is pretty big too. Cyberpunk was a pretty good recent example. Rust was actually unplayable (and different) on the 360/ps3.

  2. Haha I feel silly; I thought this was going to show modern gaming using an antiquated PC game-port (for joysticks) and the downsides of jumping through hoops to do-so.

  3. What about emulators though? Could it be worthwhile for Sony to produce an emulator so that anyone wanting to play a PS game without a PS could just drop the disc in a PC and run it? My understanding is that most of the income comes from licensing, not from sales of the console itself. So letting people run an emulator instead of buying a console wouldn't exactly hurt their bottom line, people would still be buying the games.

    Emulators aren't always the best way to play games but some of these ports are really bad…

  4. We need Intel and Ryzen ARM chips with Windows ARM like Mac M1 with the built in ram and even some gpu power. That could help with the future of pc gaming dramatically as well as productivity. Just like Anthony mentioned in a previous video.

  5. Aside from Far Cry 6, the bad port examples used here are Sony titles, and it's always Sony ports that are terrible even though Xbox is mentioned multiple times on a hardware level. Not saying Xbox does great ports every time but most are fine right away. Sony games are, 9 times out of 10, awful ports at launch and barely improve down the line. It's Sony who keep dragging their feet and not wantimg to join everyone else in the 21st century, and as a result keep releasing terrible ports and still somehow charging £70 for re-re-released games like FFVII Remake.

  6. GTA5 used to run on ps3 which had 256mb ram it was way ahead of its time. But now even if you have a high end gaming hardware you are gonna face issue while playing games

  7. They compare Ryzen 5 3600 (non-X variant) and a goddamn i9-10900K.

    Of course, it’s gonna be slower with DirectX 11! But take a Ryzen 7 5800X – I’m sure it’ll be a chore.

  8. You can't turn shit into gold. If they made the game for PC and ported down, then it will work well and still look great but when you do it the other way around… once again shit can't be turned into gold.

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