[PC] Myst (1993) – Jogo completo

Myst: Masterpiece Edition Plataforma: PC (GOG.com) Gravado no Windows 7. Lista de jogos de aventura: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL6IvCPYLqOXm-E-peJ-sVjmt8EOXQ83x 60FPS está disponível se você quiser o cursor movimento para parecer suave e sedoso. Algumas anotações também estão disponíveis para explicar as coisas com mais detalhes, mas são opcionais. ÍNDICE: Myst Island -Começando: 1:45 -Abertura Channelwood: 11:00 -Abertura Mecânica: 26:10 -Abertura Stoneship: 40:40 -Abertura Selenítica: 53:50 -Fim de Jogo: 1:11:20 Channelwood Idade -Ligar o primeiro elevador: 16:30 -Desbloquear a escada e ligar o elevador superior: 18:05 -Encontrar as páginas: 19:30 -Ligar o elevador final e encontrar o livro Myst: 23:00 Era Mecânica -Encontrar o páginas: 29:45 -Aprendendo a rotação da fortaleza e as dicas de áudio: 32:00 -Chegando à ilha oriental: 34:00 -Chegando à ilha norte: 35:50 -Encontrando o livro Myst: 38:15 Stoneship Age -Destrancando o farol : 45:35 -Aprender a posição do relógio de sol: 47:35 -Encontrar as páginas e ligar o convés inferior: 48:20 -Encontrar o livro Myst: 51:05 Era Selenítica -Encontrar as páginas e habilitar os microfones: 58:20 – Aprendendo o código: 1:00:55 -Navegando pelo labirinto e encontrando o livro Myst: 1:03:25


24 thoughts on “[PC] Myst (1993) – Jogo completo

  1. Wow, this is crazy. I've had images from this game flash in my head at random times in my life, not knowing what the name is/was. Today, I was listening to a podcast and they mentioned it, so I decided to see what they were talking about. Then it hit me like a weight, I played this when i was like 10 or 11 but haven't seen it since. So fkn nuts, gonna revisit this for sure.

  2. Wow – so anticlimactic! I am so glad I didn't waste that much time on this back in the day! Up there with Return to Zork, great visuals dull & confusing gameplay!

  3. My parents had purchased this game along with their first computer. I was 4-5 years old at the time, tried playing the game but didn’t know what the fuck i was doing. It’s a blast seeing how this game looked back then!

  4. One of the hardest games if not the hardest game I ever played. I was 5 when this came out, friend had it on saturn. Idk what made me fall in love with it. But a def masterpiece

  5. Myst was the first game I played on a computer – I loved it and it set me on a quest for similar games. I enjoyed the puzzles and got a great sense of achievement when I solved them. Thanks for the upload and the happy memories.

  6. A remake of the original would be dope, with those libraries he mentioned at the end accessible, and the exploration there of leading into riven would be… Uhhhh. Sadly it will just be used to lecture folks now adays.

  7. I was so terrible at point and click adventures, and yet it's a genre I really miss. I loved these beautiful atmospheric games. Myst, the 7th Guest, Dark Seed, Phantasmagoria…there were so many great ones.

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