Fiz Minecraft no Minecraft com redstone!

Minecraft 3D no Minecraft sem blocos de comando, sem pacotes de dados e sem mods. Os recursos incluem um mundo 8x8x8 totalmente renderizado em 3D com 16 tipos de blocos diferentes, 32 itens diferentes e dezenas de mecânicas de jogo, incluindo mineração, artesanato, fundição, construção, baús, carrapatos aleatórios e muito mais! Este foi um esforço de equipe entre mim, Uwerta e StackDoubleFlow. Contacte-me: Contact Uwerta: Contact Stack: Embora todo o redstone possa rodar no Minecraft vanilla, ele rodaria em um quadro a cada poucos dias e, portanto, em ordem para torná-lo jogável, um servidor chamado MCHPRS (Minecraft High Performance Redstone Server) é usado para acelerar o jogo para mais de 10.000 vezes a velocidade normal. ————————————————– —————– Download mundial: Vídeo explicativo: https: // MCHPRS: Confira o servidor ORE Minecraft em: (versão 1.18.2) Saiba mais sobre URCL em: Design do controlador PS4: —————— ————————————————- Música : Gareth Coker – Clockwork Crafter Eu NÃO possuo a música!


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  1. Would like to clarify a few things:
    – This build does NOT run in real time. It runs on MCHPRS, the server developed by StackDoubleFlow, which speeds up the game roughly 10-20,000x while running redstone. That brings the framerate to a much more reasonable 0.1fps, so the long timelapses in the video only took 9 hours to record in total.
    – The world download currently in the description is non-functional for two reasons: in order to prevent content thieves such as Steveee immediately stealing it and making a profit, and also because Uwerta and I are currently improving the GUI system to be more similar to normal Minecraft (there's some dissimilarity in how items are moved around in the inventory). I'll update this comment when we release a functional download.
    – If you want to learn more about how it works, a brief explanation video is in the description, and that one has links to all the documentation including flowcharts for the GPU and other hardware, and the entire (commented) program itself.

    And yes, we will run DOOM on this hardware at some point, but projects such as these take a long time to create! After all, we are only 3 people working on this in our free time. Have patience until then 🙂

  2. these people have made a revolutionary minecraft console called the CHUNGUS 2, with special AMOGUS processer, 8 kb of storage and 256b of RAM. This is the first step towards revolutionizing gaming in Minecraft.

  3. Even if you use mods to make Minecraft in Minecraft in color it would still be cool And it would be easier to make 3D objects cause they're really hard to see as well as your health bar

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