O melhor console de jogos (é um PC)

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36 thoughts on “O melhor console de jogos (é um PC)

  1. Rocking this case rn with a Ryzen 5 5600x and an RTX 3060 Ti. CPU runs hot though even with a Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 cooler though. 80c above while gaming. Within expectations though because of the size of the case and cooler.

  2. i was 15 when i got a pirated copy of leasure suit larry, there was no internet nor booklet so i took my notebook and wrote every single quiestion in it with answears, oh good old days (finished it too without cheats)

  3. This just… Will never be true for most people. You yourself have stated, you get why console gaming is so popular. People want stuff that just works when they want to play, and nothing can offer that like a console. Most people don't want or need everything else a PC offers when they just want to play a game.

    I'm not saying your points aren't valid, but they clearly come with the pain of complexity.

  4. Not everyone has time to piss about with settings or maybe they don't have the money for PC gaming, I've got a pretty hefty PC rig but I use it for work doing cad on Rhino and Matrix software, I game primarily on SX and PS5 though, I even got a Series S as emulator and it's bloody brilliant for that, can bring it travelling as well, for £450 the SX and PS5 are beasts.

  5. 12:55 Don't listen to Linus, Far Cry 2 Revolutionized the Far Cry name and it's the game that got them with so much cash they were able to Fund FC 3. The graphical features, AI, and game world were phenomenal. (They literally made the game to show off their Technical advancements) Linus is talking out his A$$ and literally has no IDEA what he's talking about.

  6. Lambo, what you are is an nVidiot ok, You're the kind that sticks an nVidia card in an AMD Rig while you pretend to understand hardware compatibility.
    If you do it again you're fired.
    I treat all nVidiots that way.

  7. can you please but PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. .. send me a link with exatly the model of tiny pawer suply /? not that amazon link where show me general pawersuply to buy …

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