Pinball FX 3: As dez melhores mesas de pinball até hoje

Eu amo o pinball com paixão e adoro a abordagem do Zen Studios ao pinball. E adoro quantas mesas de pinball a equipe criou. Existem 70 mesas atualmente disponíveis no Pinball FX 3… e com isso em mente, senti que era hora de fazer um top 10 de mesas até o momento. Então aqui estão minhas escolhas! Certifique-se de ler minhas análises de Pinball FX 3 e muito mais, em


41 thoughts on “Pinball FX 3: As dez melhores mesas de pinball até hoje

  1. So, I turn off all the scores popping up…. cause that is not realistic… and the scrolling… up and down is not that great either. But, I use a Cabinet mode machine so… maybe that route?

  2. Great Video and excellent reviews, ZEN PINBALL is amazing I install it on any device that has is especially my phone and tablet they are portable and comfortable. The console versions are awesome and the controllers are very easy to use. The quality of the tables are amazing and the graphics are incredible. Thank you

  3. These tables are are too short? for me they seems like cut by half! 😀
    New game dev, was thinking of making a Pinball as own project, lots of physics, lots of different interactions, and tbf many years no gut ones. that auto track ball triggers me a bit, would be better to give mouse control to view? and shoot by clicks? or keep fixed and shiit what ever keys ya please.

  4. hey- thnx for your reviews- question,.. my bf has gotten i to star wars lately & i reality wanted to get him a zen star wars table. our all time favorite table has been Sorcerers Lair, bc the storyline is just so great- and there are tons of little mini-games that all add up to the big midnight event – it has been an utter joy getting into that game- and tbh not a single other board has even come close to the fun. any suggestions..? can u recommend a star wars table that is similar in style..? or any table, for that matter..? thank you again 🙂 x

  5. Which table do you like better:
    – Earth Defense
    – Excalibur
    – BioLab
    – Pasha
    – Rome
    – Secrets of the Deep
    – El Dorado
    – Shaman
    – Tesla
    – V12
    – Epic Quest
    – Sorcerer’s Lair
    – Paranormal
    – Wild West Rampage
    – Castle Storm
    – Mars

  6. The best Tables are the two for free, Fish Tales and Sorcerers Lair. I thought If the free onces are so good the others too buy must be better, great mistake. Not the flow like the two one for free. What a Marketing Gag

  7. Man people don’t realise how much Excalibur was snubbed when it came out. I thought it was awesome and it’s nice to see the general opinion slowly correct itself

  8. I haven't played FX3 for a year now (but I plan to return to it, I am interested to see their new tables based on real Williams' tables), but I remember my favorate one and the one I played the most was Paranormal. I kinda liked the atmosphere, the general layout and color scheme. It's not as flashy as some other tables (which is good, bc it's easier on the eyes if you play it a lot), but there are enough interesting shit to do and the difficulty is about right for me.

  9. You don't love pinball when you are playing it on a console. Pinball is shit on a console, shit even on a PC if you are playing it on a normal monitor. The Amiga pinball fantasies and dreams were much better pinball games. I cannot play pinball now, not even on a 60 inch TV it just not play the same. The only way that I would want to play these games is on a cabinet.

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