Transmita para Reddit RPAN usando Mac e PC

Link para download- Obrigado por assistir!


31 thoughts on “Transmita para Reddit RPAN usando Mac e PC

  1. I’m having issues with the audio. I didn’t see you go over that here, but all my inputs look identical to StreamLabs where I’m successfully able to loop audio back into the stream using the iRig. For some reason Rpan isn’t wanting to play nice with this exact same setup. Any ideas? Any weird setting I’m missing?

  2. I'm so lost.. I'm just trying to stream off my iPhone as webcam plugin in Rpan Studio, it detects my iPhone under "video capture" but there's no display.. what am I doing wrong lol

  3. On Mac, would you happen to know how to get my interface (Scarlett 2i2) do be recognized as an audio output? It came up automatically for an input. This video is great thank you!

  4. Thanks for the video! I am having trouble with streaming, when I try to test by selecting 'Start Recording' I get the error 'Unable to start recording helper process. Check that OBS files have not been blocked or removed by any 3rd party antivirus / security software.

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