FATE – Prévia de FATE

~http://www.wildtangent.com/Games/fate — Jogue FATE, o premiado RPG single-player desenvolvido pela WildTangent. Você escolherá seu DESTINO enquanto viaja pela cidade de Grove com seu animal de estimação em busca de armas, feitiços, aventura e fama. Jogue FATE no aplicativo WildTangent Games hoje mesmo! WildTangent Links FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/WildTangentGames TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PlayWildTangent PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/playwildtangent/ EMAIL: https://goo.gl/ nix4aW


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  1. I have played this entire series since age 7 and up until my early teens, I am now 21 turning 22 and I have been constantly wondering on and off about fir over a decade whether or not what I saw was true or not in fate the traitor soul. I saw on the cover the orange robot thing and i swear i remember fighting a giant robot with 2 gears on it's back and it had a fire attack or maybe that was on the back of the games box. I don't know I'm so eager to find out where this enemy is and how to get to it or if it even exists. Can someone please explain to me where the robots are in this game.

  2. It’s been 10 years since we’ve had a new Fate game, can we please get a new one with multiplayer along with all the weapons, armors, spells and enemies we love

  3. This was the game that made me install WildTangent back in the day when it came out, was the first game I had ever actually downloaded off the internet since we still had DialUp where I lived.

  4. Since oldest living memory, the Dungeon Gate has stood in the heart of the Old Wood. It's doorway leads to infinite possibility, to subterranean lands fabled in stories and myths. Many adventurers have passed over that ancient threshold – some to find fame, glory, and wealth beyond telling, and others never to return.
    The town of Grove has ever been a safe haven at the Dungeon's mouth – a watering hole and resting place for weary adventurers. Here great tales are told by the Inn's fire. Journey's are planned, and legacies are made. Minstrels sing of the great feats of heroes long gone, and statues ring the square, a testament to their deeds.
    After traveling many hard and dusty days, you and your faithful companion arrive at last in the fables forest town, which waits beneath the long shadow of the Gate.
    Within these walls lies the path to infinite adventure. It is here that you will test your worth, and perhaps find fortune and glory along the way. It is here that you will determine your Fate…

  5. Will there ever be a fate 5 or has it been explicitly stated that cursed king is the last game? Also any moders know If it’s possible to make this multiplayer?

  6. Three things burned into my mind as a child, the weird yet awesome song used in this preview, the old man telling me to choose my fate, and the old man telling me “you are exhausted”.

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