Os 25 Melhores Jogos JRPG para PC de Todos os Tempos | Edição 2022

Espero que vocês possam aproveitar esta lista 🙂 25 Melhores jogos de JRPG para PC Edição do início de 2022 TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Introdução 00:28 #25. Bravely Default II 01:01 #24. Provações de Mana 01:41 #23. Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster 02:21 #22. Yakuza: Like a Dragon 03:03 #21. Octopath Traveler 03:35 #20. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin 04:13 #19. Dragon Quest Builders 2 04:53 #18. Kingdom Hearts 3 05:34 #17. Nexus Escarlate 06:10 #16. Disgaea 5 Completo 06:52 #15. Código Veia 07:32 #14. Persona 5 Strikers 08:03 #13. Final Fantasy XV 08:41 #12. Contos da Berseria 09:21 #11. Valkyria Chronicles 4 09:56 #10. Final Fantasy XII: A Era do Zodíaco 10:47 #9. NieR Replicant 11:35 #8. Ys IX: Monstrum Nox 12:22 #7. Genshin Impacto 13:02 #6. A Lenda dos Heróis: Trilhas de Cold Steel IV 13:43 #5. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade 14:35 #4. NieR Automata 15:16 #3. Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition 16:03 #2. Persona 4 Golden 16:41 #1. Tales of Arise INSCREVA-SE para mais conteúdo relacionado a jogos! https://www.youtube.com/c/joelrpg #best #jrpg #games


43 thoughts on “Os 25 Melhores Jogos JRPG para PC de Todos os Tempos | Edição 2022

  1. Сразу несколько любимых игр в топе при том на достаточно высоких местах, что очень приятно) но вот, что красивейший и довольно длинный Horizon Zero Dawn сюда не попал, меня удивило, хотя может вкусовщина, но внимания игра достойна однозначно) автору спасибо, несколько игр утащил👍

  2. 25 best JRPS of all time have to be great in every aspect, however FFXV maybe was great considering gameplay but story sucked so hard. Not exactly the story itself but how it was showed. Rule no 1, show don't tell. So much ofscreen things as well as trying to catch our emotions while screentime of a character is like 5 minutes in total. However I respect your opinion and effort put into this video this is just mine point of view.
    Big fan of Persona 4 and Tales of Arise though!

  3. where TF is SEKIRO… one of the best games.. specially in combat>…………….. i clicked on this video only to see what u say abt nier automata and sekiro and genshin impact.. and u didnt even include sekiro..(2019 – game of the year)

  4. ….Genshin impact…JRPG?, lad that is being made by chinese developers not japanese, also wont consider it a good rpg since limits you from playing, beside that good list.

  5. Trails series – all of them. Recently got into them and the continues overall story, split into smaller stories of different characters around the world the
    game created, is a unique experience unlike any I've seen in a JRPG. As a Brandon Sanderson fan, the Trails series really reminds me of epic fantasy novels
    in its style and world building.

  6. All these awesome games and you just have to put Genshin impact there. It's an RPG, correct, anime-inspired to be accurate but definitely not a JRPG.

  7. I really keep trying to like action jrpg games but i just cant get into them, they always feel clunky or over complicated. For an action rpg scarlet nexus was quite enjoyable. but arise was just not enjoyable for me and really just because i wasnt feeling the combat.

  8. Tales of Arise’s story toward the back-half/ending was pretty bad IMO. The beginning drew me in tho so it was an overall meh to me. Combat was fun at first but enemies felt way too spongy on higher difficulties so I had to turn it down so that fights would not last 5+ minutes. And since I only played with Alphen…the whole ending the fight with a finisher made it feel repetitive too. The game was a 7.5, to 8 at best for me.

  9. Oof, I'm sorry but you should have add a "My" before the title. You left out classics and put some jrpgs that usually people didn't like so much. Still, it's all about opinion, and you gave yours.

  10. Best jrpg of all times? Pokemon red/ blue/ Silverado. ff6. Zelda. Ff10. Xenogears. Chronotrigger.chrono cross. Secret of mana. Xenoblades chronicles. Golden sun.eatthbound. Of all times? Ff12? Dont make me laught.

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