Marvel’s Spider Man Remastered PC – DF Tech Review – Análise de Gráficos, Configurações Otimizadas + Mais!

É a revisão técnica de PC que você estava esperando. Alex Battaglia analisa mais de perto a versão para PC de Nixxes da Marvel, detalhando todas as configurações gráficas comparadas ao PlayStation 5, junto com as melhores configurações gerais. Tudo isso junto com comentários sobre a qualidade do trabalho de conversão, as adaptações bem-sucedidas para usuários de PC e muito, muito mais. Vá aqui para ver rapidamente as configurações otimizadas e os equivalentes do PlayStation 5 mais próximos: Junte-se ao DF Patreon para EARLY ACESSO a todos os DF Direct Weekly, downloads de vídeo impecáveis, conteúdo dos bastidores e muito, muito mais: Podcast RSS Feed: Inscreva-se para mais Digital Foundry:


33 thoughts on “Marvel’s Spider Man Remastered PC – DF Tech Review – Análise de Gráficos, Configurações Otimizadas + Mais!

  1. I need a summary of all the info you shared so I can go and edit my settings without needing to watch again the video 🙄😂 thanks for the video and information

  2. that r5 cpu is bottlenecking a lot!
    got all maxed out dlss quality and barely dropping below 70 while swinging and not below 60 in high crowed areas. averages at 78-80 (swing) and 66 (crowded). just using a 3070 suprim@1980 and a non-OCed 5700x on a x370 gaming k5 haha

  3. 5900x RTX 3080 32 GB driver to date ,win 10 pro —this game feels so smooth with the Ultra Settings ,DLSS ON quality ,RTX OFF, changing the settings to Alex or even PS5 Fidelity Mode , RTX ON ,and the game feels like a brick ,frames are there around 90 dropping to 62 in MSG swinging , but I feel like I am playing Dying Light 2 with the memory leak or something ,it's outrageous how they keep advertising RTX

  4. Your voice is incredibly monotonous and boring… and yet when you speak a bit of german, it becomes very colorful and full of life. You should try to use your german accent to speak english! And thank you.

  5. Very weird thing for me: put the texture filtering x 4 instead of x 8 makes me win almost 10 fps in 4k with my 3070 (and my old 6700k) when I walk among the crowd. It’s pretty weird because usually it’s an option which almost doesn’t impact the performances… maybe it’s cause I have only 8 gigas of vram…

  6. Just got this with the purchase of a Evga 3080ti ftw3 ultra for my pending custom build yesterday for $790.00 at Bestbuy. Been staying away from this game since release so until I finally get my rig. Can't wait for this weekend 👊💪

  7. This game is still very unoptimized. I have a GTX 1660 Gaming OC, Ryzen 5 2600, 16gigs of 3000mhz, this should be over the recommended setup for 1080p 60fps at medium preset. I even lowered some settings and still, at night it drops below 60 fps. I tried disabling SMT and it actually ran better, so obviously theres an optimization issue (this is actually a known thing,people disable HyperThreading to get better performance). I also tried enabling/disabling SSAO,and the performance hit at night is crazy.

  8. Did I miss something or did they forget to mention the "upscale" options available?? They don't allow you to use taa when enabled. I noticed that when the game zooms in on Spidey's suit, there is a weird effect where some of the finer details on the suit have outlines that kinda move and squiggle around. Not sure how to describe it but never really noticed on PS4. Wonder if that's related to the upscaling stuff 🤔

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