Principais jogos Patreon concluídos de 2022 (até agora)

2022 tem sido um ano fantástico até agora para novos lançamentos. Aqui estão os 27 melhores jogos Patreon concluídos de 2022 até agora. Todos os links podem ser encontrados aqui: Sem vergonha, apenas jogos! —– Patreon e todo o conteúdo mencionado —–


42 thoughts on “Principais jogos Patreon concluídos de 2022 (até agora)

  1. Does completed mean the stories are complete or a portion is complete? A lot of games in this genre never seem to complete so you have a whole lot of half played games. Been looking for a list of completed games which for me is preferable than being stuck with half played ones i cant keep up with.

  2. I like adult games but this list is mostly visual novels. Not trying to sound like an elitist here, I just dont consider those slideshow-like-movies to be games. And they feel rather low effort tbh. If you could seperate visual novels between actual games then that could help your viewers and also give you more content. Its 2x the videos but it might be 2x the views

  3. How about a video on how many alphas and beta Adult VNs are for sale that ended up not being completed. I left a comment on Itch saying all episodic adult VNs need to tell us up front how many episodes they plan for 1.0. Then, if you see only half the episodes completed, you can wait. But so many games are sold as "full games" when they're not, and you don't find out until you get to the end of the game and the story is not completed. This is why I have only purchased 2 Adult VNs, because they were the only 2 I was interested in that were 1.0+, with finished stories!

  4. I'm guessing a list for completed Steam games is next. I'm guessing Countess of Crimson will be on it but I hope you recommend Once Ever After.

    But in the subject on completed games, unless it's free I'm more of a wait and see kind of guy cause the ending is very important and it could make or break a games story. Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter is a good example of a awful ending ruining a decent story by having it all be a dream of a minor character.

  5. I just played a game called Sexbot [v0.7.2] [LlamaMann Games] i was suprised it actualy had a pretty funny story and you can find countless secret things everything between femdom and like real crazy stuff you can choose countless routes it has like 100 scenes and it is so much bigger then i could imagine the dev is also very open about the game, it is clear he had fun writing the story. IThe time loop lets you get through the same 5 days over and over and well it was a positive suprise.

  6. Great video! Not a huge fan of visual novels, but there are a few that have me taking a closer look thanks to your reviews like this. Really appreciate your hard work of narrowing down the really good titles for us! Thank you!

  7. Great video as always! I think the only game on here that I tried was Doll City, and man, I love busty bimbos, but the character models and narrative in that game got annoying after a while. At one point I met a female character with a somewhat realistic and understated body, and I just thought "Finally! A woman who looks different!"
    Then of course the story gave her a potion that gave her the exact same boobs and butt as all the other female characters. That annoyed me so much that I stopped playing.

  8. dear annie , we would love to recommend a recent game called 'Black New World Order' – Chapters 1 and 2 for interracial fantasies hardcore fans!

  9. I don't see summertime saga ending in the next 3 years. They haven't completed their map and they're about to expand it (and the rest of the game) into wide-screen. Like the map, they are adding new girls (in the current case Rhonda) before finishing the content for their existing characters. Now, is this gonna stop me from playing every major build until the game does finally finish sometime in the 2030s? Nope, I'm pretty locked in to seeing it through at this point.

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