Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver (PC)

velho jogo de pc hot wheels lançado em 1998 eu acho… nível secreto: minha façanha épica em 1:34, 6:56, 8:54 Gmail: thespetialkiller007@ Instagram: Artstation: 2º canal: Stop Motion Playlists Police Perseguições: Need for Speed: Filme Perseguições de carros: com/playlist?list=PLMr9cwVGGpyT-S1C30CXkzopdtua4Us5f Cars 3 Trailer : Fabricantes Homenagens : GranNDKVRn :// Forza: 4I- The Crew: Construção e recursos do SpeedCity: Stop Motion do SpeedCity: https:// Minha coleção de diecast:


37 thoughts on “Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver (PC)

  1. So many memories! Boring saturdays and Sundays flew by. Still remember messing with the paint program. Computer was old as hell! Pretty sure it only had 75 MB of RAM! ahhh…the simple times! This and riding my bicycle all over town until the streetlights came on! Other than Molly Bish being abducted kids were relatively safe….I miss it.

  2. Okay now someone help me find the hot wheels game where you would mix like soda drinks and you could make different combos and you would like race two cars with their own respective soda combinations

  3. Living room/kitchen: TV
    Bedroom: Trash can
    Greenhouse: Venus flytrap
    Attic: Out the window
    Sandbox: Bucket of sand
    Game room: House of cards

    Of the various endings, which one do you like the best? I think the TV one is pretty cool.

  4. I… don't remember the graphics being so bad and the gameplay being so simple lol. But as soon as I clicked on the video the nostalgia came flooding back!

  5. love this game growing up!!!! played on my old ass compaq pc that would overheat and slow down after about 30mins of playing any game so i always timed my game play to give myself time to save before the whole thing froze completely. looking back if i knew what i did now i would have cleaned that mf and added fans and actually took care of it lol

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