Como jogar jogos do PlayStation Plus no PC

O novo nível Premium do serviço PlayStation Plus da Sony permite que os jogadores de PC joguem jogos atuais e clássicos na nuvem. Veja como configurar seu PC para que você possa jogar títulos PS Plus sem um console. Confira os produtos mencionados neste vídeo: Controle sem fio DUALSHOCK 4: Controle sem fio DualSense: Adaptador USB sem fio 8BitDo 2: 3ylT2vF *CNET Pode receber uma comissão dessas ofertas Links relacionados: Baixe o aplicativo PlayStation Plus para PC: Leia: Como jogar Jogos PS Plus Premium no seu PC 0:00 Requisitos do PlayStation Plus no PC 0:48 Baixe o aplicativo PlayStation Plus para PC 1:58 Conecte um controle PlayStation ao seu PC 3:12 Jogando jogos no PlayStation Plus para PC Inscreva-se na CNET: Nunca mais perca um acordo! Veja a extensão do navegador da CNET 👉 Curta nossa página no Facebook: Siga-nos no Twitter: Siga-nos no Instagram : Siga-nos no TikTok:


31 thoughts on “Como jogar jogos do PlayStation Plus no PC

  1. FFS why don't they allow playing games via kb/mouse instead of a dedicated console type controller? IMHO that would reduce the entry cost and attract even more gamers who are mostly pc gamers with nice kb/mouse set ups already…

  2. Sony is weak in their playstation gaming division with any device and connectivity or anything else, their only strength is being able to roll out cinematic triple A games with nice visuals.
    I like the playstation but at the end of the day sony is not a software and computer technology company like Microsoft is.

  3. When i try to load game i get An error telling me i need to update some info on my account. Wich i already did several times. Streaming works perfect on my ps4. But it won't work on pc

  4. Sadly Sony force you into buying NEW hardware that runs windows 11 or last support the APP

    I was steaming Xcloud on a PC ( that was basically DEAD in this YEAR )
    1 Core running at 2.05 ghz

  5. Easy to follow video! Thanks but for some reason even with premium I cannot access because I live in Hungary. Sony says this will be fixed in a future patch but that was like 4 months ago and still nothing.

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