10 ótimos jogos de combate naval para PC

Aqui está minha escolha para dez ótimos jogos de combate naval para PC 1.) Silent Hunter 3 (2006) 2.) World of Warships (2017) 3.) Assassins Creed Black Flag (2013) 4.) Battlestations Midway (2007) 5. ) Atlantic Fleet (2016) 6.) Battlestations Pacific (2009) 7.) Dangerous Waters (2006) 8.) Victory at Sea (2014) 9.) Strategic Mind The Pacific (2019) 10) Victory at Sea Pacific (2018) Você pode se perguntar por que incluí um jogo como AC Black Flag nesta lista. A razão para isso é que tive um combate naval bastante envolvente e atraente ao jogar o jogo, então decidi colocá-lo na lista. Isso é tudo. Acabo de ser informado que o jogo N° 8 está faltando no vídeo. Peço desculpas por esse erro, obrigado Antek Zer por me informar.


20 thoughts on “10 ótimos jogos de combate naval para PC

  1. I wish someone made a game that simulated real 1700th century naval tactics. The tactics they used back then are just mind blowing and sound extremely fun.

  2. Need age of sail game, but: no Jack Sparrow, no comic graphics (Empire Total War graphics would be just fine), no dungeon crawling (it's naval duh), no skeletons or fantasy, no turning on a dime nor 2 seconds reloads, no masquerade of a multiplayer battle royal – just a sandbox where you get reasonable orders in a grand campaign while steering your single ship, maybe throw in some logistics and crew management. Please I'm getting old, technology is sufficent, niche market is there and accessible, just like the in-game ship should be.

    Oh and what most naval games foget, make the sea an actual adversary while you're at it.

  3. I remember some kind of battleship game like its a 1 on 1 game where you have like 3 ships (modern if not wrong 1 destroyer (with the triple guns), 1 sub, and 1 frigate i think where u get a heli (to drop stuff (depth charges?), a single cannon, missiles and a phalanx if not wrong. And you battle it like WoW but you have a constant trajectory where you can only move farther away or closer. do you have any idea? Its been stuck in my head, its a early 2000s online web game on the pc I think. Let me know if you might have an idea lol

  4. Hello AZCoder. No, I haven't tried it. LOL every single ten-game videos I made received a copyright claim. Just for leaving the original music under the video, every video has received a strike. I guess in case I want to upload some gameplay I need to switch off the music otherwise it receives copyright strikes. Too bad. Cheers

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