As 8 maiores mudanças na remasterização do PC do Homem-Aranha da Marvel

Bem-vindo ao MojoPlays! Hoje estamos entrando para conferir as maiores mudanças feitas no lançamento do Spider-Man Remastered da Insomniac no PC. Neste vídeo, veremos as melhorias na jogabilidade, bem como as mudanças na qualidade de vida feitas entre o lançamento inicial do jogo no PS4 e seu eventual lançamento no PC. Nossa lista inclui Modo Foto Aprimorado, Novo Peter, Rastreamento de Raios e Sombras Aprimoradas, Controles Personalizáveis ​​e muito mais! Com quais melhorias de jogabilidade você está mais animado? Que mudanças você quer ver em Homem-Aranha 2? Deixe-nos cair uma linha para baixo nos comentários. Assista a mais ótimos vídeos de videogame do Homem-Aranha aqui: 10 Ovos de Páscoa escondidos nos jogos do Homem-Aranha: 10 Vezes Infiltrado pelo Homem-Aranha Outros jogos: 10 Previsões Para Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Muito obrigado a todos os canais apresentados em nosso vídeo! Gameografia: viztorhugo: Ninguém gosta de mim: Evan Filarca: Shirrako: Ray Tracing Revolution: Geek Culture Gaming: https :// DarKBeast: Raquete: Digital Foundry: https://www Desafie amigos e familiares em nosso Trivia multijogador! Inscreva-se para mais conteúdo excelente! Tem ideias? Ótimo, dê-os para nós AGORA! MojoPlays é sua fonte de resenhas, listas, Let’s Plays, origens de personagens e histórias de videogames. #MarvelsSpiderMan #spiderman #marvel #gaming #videogames #PC


35 thoughts on “As 8 maiores mudanças na remasterização do PC do Homem-Aranha da Marvel

  1. Feelsbadman, was looking forward to jacksepticeye gameplay on this pc version but he didn't play. He also didn't play last of us part 1 remake either, sad.

  2. "The younger-looking Peter is here to stay."

    The problem with this change is that the Peter in this game is 24 years old. He has been Spider-Man for 8 years. He lives on his own, has finished college, and has his own job. This is not the teenage Peter from the comics that lived with Aunt May, went to high school, and worked freelance in his out-of-school hours to take pictures for the Bugle.

    The Peter model from the original PS4 game looked like this 24 year old. But the replacement model looks younger, and by younger I mean *so much younger*. There is no way this younger-looking Peter has finished college and has been Spidey for 8 years – maybe 8 weeks.

    There are scenes with the new Peter and Miles where they look the same age – and sometimes Miles looks older (and remember that Miles in this game is 15 years old).

    I'm half joking when I say this but the 24-year-old MJ looks like she might be charged with statutory rape for kissing this teenage-looking Peter.

    I don't like that they changed the model but I can accept that Insomniac had to do it for the technical reasons they gave. But the new younger looking model is a huge mistake for the character of Peter in this game. This new model doesn't look like he's 24, let alone past his teenage years.

  3. They should add an option of the amount of flags and what flags you just want to stay in the game.Many people would like to assume that it is disgusting,crtizising,or even innapropriate but honestly it's just a video game,who's gonna know what flags you have and don't have,who watching your screen to see if you would have them in your game.
    hey,just saying its not that bad of an idea

  4. The new face would've looked better if they fully followed how Ben Jordan looks in real life. They got the face shape right, but they made him look far too young. Ben Jordan has wrinkles, stubbles, things that don't make him look like a baby. Give the new Peter some stubbles, ffs… I doubt someone with his messed up life schedule has the time to shave regularly.

  5. Can we please have the original Peter face back? He looked like 20 something year old unlike the new face which makes him look sixteen, I will never get used to it. They can make whatever excuse they want, but the new face looks too much like Tom Holland and they were only trying to cash in on the recent success of his movies.

  6. For me the costumizable controls are awesome. QTEs and so are impossible due to my physical disability, but this game makes it possible to tweak all those things, so I can play it, and not on easy. There is still plenty of challenges for me, but I can eventually overcome them by retrying a few times. For example, I'm not rly good at sneaking, due to my uncontrollable arm movements I regularly have, but I'm at 47% atm and not yet stuck, so a great experience. 😜

  7. Only feature I want added to Spiderman 2 is the option to choose which peter Parker to play as. They should include both to cater to the few fans that like the remastered peter as well as the original

  8. After trying both controller and keyboard+mouse, I ended up preferring the latter because instead of pressing button combinations like LB+RB, LT+RT, Y+B, LS+RS I can press a single button Q, C, 2, 3. Just wish it had quickfire gadgets like Batman Arkham so I didn't have to open the gadget wheel.

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