Como descobrir se o seu PC pode executar um jogo específico [Simple]

✅ Leia o artigo completo ➡️ ⭐️ Inscreva-se ➡️ https://www.gamingscan. com/subscribe Requisitos de sistema para jogos populares ➡️ UserBenchmark ➡️ Você pode EXECUTAR ➡️ Melhor Custom PC Builds ➡️ Como você descobre se o seu PC pode rodar um jogo específico? É bastante fácil se você souber onde procurar. Neste vídeo, vamos te ajudar exatamente nisso! Continue assistindo. Timestamps: 0:00 Introdução 1:11 Requisitos do sistema 3:46 Quais são as especificações do seu PC? 5:26 UserBenchmark 6:59 Você pode executá-lo? 8:06 Conclusão


45 thoughts on “Como descobrir se o seu PC pode executar um jogo específico [Simple]

  1. Can you run it.i use it lot years.but now lot changes,that site is to old.for see all stats.e.g. fortnite epic requirements is not added in can you run it.only min and recommended.when sure need to more detailed site.for not only pc parts,but for monitor type to.if i have small monitor,i can run mutch better settings on 100hz when someone cant with same pc run anything on max bcs of 4k monitor.and so if will be site more modern than old can you run it,let us know

  2. i ran dead by dayight on recomended passed but my proccessor stopped working shorty after and idk if that was dead by daylight i was running so it casued that problem WHAT SHOULD I DO? do i try again

  3. "Minimum Requirements means low setting, 720p, less ideal frame rate"

    Me who grew up playing 2000 – 2010 game: I am a woman who finds happiness in the simple pleasures in life, I too am extremely humble

  4. There are many games out there which I ran smoothly on my PC but when I checked the compatibility in "Can you run it website" it says I don't even have the minimum requirement to run the game. I am not sure if this website gives you the correct result.
    The game which I tested was Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. I played it smoothly on my PC.

  5. "Can you run it" website is a piece of trash, I ask if I could run some games like Batman Arkham City, Fallout 3 and Rage, and all said that my laptop couldn't, to my surprise I already own these games on steam and they run flawlessly. My recommendation is buy the game and try to download it and if it doesn't work just ask for a refund or if the game has a "free demo" available just download that first. You will be surprise how some of these website are not 100% accurate.

  6. Take note: Don't trust canyourunit at 100%, take a look at other websites as well and compare the results. I had a game which said that I dont have the minimum requirements, and I run it at 40-60 fps on medium/high.

    Take a good look at the cpu, graphics card and ram, since those are "the big 3" on system requirements

  7. As a newbie to computer building, I have learned so much from your channel! I like how you make things easy to understand without talking down to the viewer! Thanks so much for providing all this information ^_^

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