Mecanismo de Jogo 2D ct.js Hands-On

Hoje estamos verificando o mecanismo de jogo ct.js 3.0, um mecanismo de jogo 2D para Mac, Windows e Linux. É gratuito com o código-fonte disponível no GitHub sob a licença MIT. Ele também contém tudo o que você precisa em um só lugar, usa uma API JavaScript relativamente simples e deve ser um mecanismo de jogo 2D apropriado para iniciantes ou professores. Links ———————— ————————————————– ———————– *Suporte GFS no Patreon*: *GameDev News* : *Tutoriais de GameDev*: *Junte-se a nós no Discord*: *Twitter*: jogo do zero


23 thoughts on “Mecanismo de Jogo 2D ct.js Hands-On

  1. Thanks for tipping my off on this one. After using GM for a few years, Its nice to have a system that just works. GM syntax is similar to JS so migrating to CTJS is very smooth. Its not perfect, but it just works. Using rooms as GUI layers is great. Areas needing work: sub-classing and inheritance, custom vars and code in room editor, ability to view code from multiple areas at the same time….

  2. Oh nice. I've been looking for a 2D Godot alternative. I like Godot, but there are a thousand little things that irritate the crap out of me (Insanity by a thousand rain drops). I'll have to check this out

  3. I tried this quite a while ago, but it was not feature-complete enough and I just couldn't make it work for me like some other engines. But I might take another look at it now that it seems more mature, so thanks for the reminder…

  4. totally agree on the lack of "cancel" buttons as you don't always want to save whatever you just did at the moment, that's a really weird solution

  5. I love options and competition, but how can engines like this even compete if its trying to be streamlined? I can only see these engines being niche or for personal use. Am I missing something?

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