Desenvolvimento de jogos 2D com GDevelop – Crash Course

Aprenda a criar jogos com o GDevelop, um mecanismo de jogo 2D multiplataforma, gratuito e de código aberto. Você pode criar jogos com codificação mínima e executá-los na maioria das plataformas principais. ✏️ Curso criado por Wesley e Max. 🔗 Saiba mais sobre o Gdevelop: 🔗 Mais tutoriais em vídeo do GDevelop: 🎨 Links para artistas: 🔗 / 🔗 ⭐️ Conteúdo do curso ⭐️ ⌨️ (0:00:00) Introdução ⌨️ (0:00:22) Layout geral ⌨️ (0:06:34) Tipos de objetos ⌨️ ( 0:10:51) Sistema de eventos ⌨️ (0:16:03) Jumpstarting ⌨️ (0:20:55) Variáveis ​​⌨️ (0:25:33) Expression Builder ⌨️ (0:30:01) Extensões ⌨️ (0:33 :18) Re-creating Asteroids ⌨️ (0:43:18) Exporting A Game ⌨️ (0:46:36) Outro 🎉 Obrigado aos nossos apoiadores Campeões e Patrocinadores: 👾 Raymond Odero 👾 Agustín Kussrow 👾 aldo ferretti 👾 Otis Morgan 👾 DeezMaster — Aprenda a codificar gratuitamente e consiga um emprego de desenvolvedor: Leia centenas de artigos sobre programação:


45 thoughts on “Desenvolvimento de jogos 2D com GDevelop – Crash Course

  1. We hope the video helps people on their gamedev journey!

    GDevelop, a powerful free open source game engine, can be used to create any 2D game you can imagine. 👍

  2. Would like to see a tutorial on how to handle android installs with an large external download so you can keep your android file small and also how does updating your android game works.

  3. This was an amazing tutorial. It really digs into things like functions/behaviors. What variables are and the different objects types. After this I hope to have an easier time doing the tutorials. Thank you for this crash course! Have a blessed day and thanks for teaching this wonderful program

  4. Ive used many "open source game engines" but this one is finally really good that I can use without being confused where I can code an object XD, or where you can only export to a crappy little console that you not only have to make yourself, but also have to download content for. It doesn't even come with games! Gdevelop fixed all the problems that I had with these "free open source game engines" and actually gave me what I wanted. (Thank you so much @Gdevelop!)

    Tip: NEVER use Makecode, Scratch, and unity/unreal for commercial 2D games. You will or get confused with what you're doing, or how to create an executable on Win, Lin, and Mac.

  5. A lot of new Game Engines these days, it's pretty much Unity, Unreal Engine, the main stays with possibly some CryEngine and now Godot popping up more often and some html5 game engines for the web devs that don't want to learn C++/C#. Some C++/ Java/Python libs too to build your engine. Too many cooks spoil the broth as they say with all these game engines popping up, il wait 5 years see if any stand out and can make my game dev easier quicker cross plat and do exactly what the main stays do but better then il think about it otherwise Im just learning another Engine for no real reason when I could be honing my skills I've already built up to make me faster? Kind of like of like a swap drag n drop environment where its pre built you just swap the assets with yours so games look different but function the same like platformers all look similar so make a template and just swap with pre built sprites kinda mix n match, same goes for top down rpg. Yes I know we already have useful templates, but think Mario maker game engine and drag and drop everything, maybe that's just lazyness and no real effort or progress? Hmmm…back to the drawing board lol

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