O Melhor Software GRATUITO para Desenvolvimento de Jogos! (Na minha opinião)

As primeiras 1.000 pessoas a usar o link receberão uma avaliação gratuita da associação Skillshare Premium: https://skl.sh/goodgis05211 ART SOFTWARE ——————— ———————- Pixel Art: ● MS Paint – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Paint ● Piskel – https://www. .piskelapp.com/ ● Aseprite – https://github.com/aseprite/aseprite/ ● Libresprite – http://www.libresprite.org/ ● Graphics Gale – https://graphicsgale.com/us/ Raster: ● Paint.NET – https://www.getpaint.net/ ● Gimp – https://www.gimp.org/ ● Krita – https://krita.org/en/ 3D: ● Blender- https://www .blender.org/ ● MagicaVoxel – https://ephtracy.github.io/ Vetor: ● Affinity Designer – https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/designer/ ● Inkscape – https://inkscape.org / ● Vectr – https://vectr.com/ SOFTWARE DE JOGO ———————————— ——- ● Godot Engine – https://godotengine.org/ ● GDevelop – https://gdevelop-app.com/ ● Love2d – https://love2d.org/ SOFTWARE DE ÁUDIO —– ————————————– Música: ● G arageBand – https://www.apple.com/mac/garageband/ ● Bosca Ceoil – https://terrycavanagh.itch.io/bosca-ceoil ● Sunvox – https://warmplace.ru/soft/sunvox/ ● FamiStudio – https://famistudio.org/ ● FamiTracker – http://www.famitracker.com/ ● LMMS – https://lmms.io/ ● BeepBox – https://www.beepbox.co Sons: ● LabChirp – https://labbed.itch.io/labchirp ● Chiptone – https://sfbgames.itch.io/chiptone OUTRO SOFTWARE ———————– ——————– ● DaVinci Resolve – https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/ ● Kdenlive – https://kdenlive.org/en / ● OBS – https://obsproject.com/ ● Standard Notes – https://standardnotes.org/ ● VLC Player – https://www.videolan.org/vlc/ ● Brave Browser – https://brave. com/ ● Tiled – https://www.mapeditor.org/ ┈ Quem é Goodgis? ┈ Sou designer gráfico, desenvolvedor de jogos e youtuber em tempo integral. Eu me especializei em fazer jogos fofos e coloridos em Godot e contar minha história através de meus vídeos. Também dirijo meu próprio estúdio de jogos chamado Firith. Meu sonho é contratar meus amigos e fazer de Firith um emprego em tempo integral. Sou conhecido por jogos como The Keeyp, Wizbirds, Snomes e Dewdrop Dynasty. ┈ Formas de apoiar ┈ 💖 Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/goodgis ┈ Participe da comunidade ┈ 💬 Discord: https://discord.gg/BhVRust 🦆 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Gooodgis ┈ Meu Game Studio ┈ 🍁 Website: https://firith.studio/ 🕹️ Itch.io: https://firith.itch.io/ 🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/FirithStudio ┈ Timestamps ┈ 0:00 Introdução 2: 07 FOSS 3:41 Art Software 6:46 Game Software 7:50 Audio Software 9:02 Lightning Round 10:01 Conclusão ┈ Outros vídeos de pessoas que eu gosto! ┈ Sebastian Lague – Coding Adventure: Chess AI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4ogK0MIzqk Reece Geofroy – Fazer um RPG de mundo aberto foi um GRANDE ERRO! (Dream Game Devlog) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_01ZQDtalzw PolyMars – Aprendendo SDL2 em 48 horas – GMTK Game Jam 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAMHQfCGymg #gamedev # software grátis


45 thoughts on “O Melhor Software GRATUITO para Desenvolvimento de Jogos! (Na minha opinião)

  1. I've listed the links to all the free software mentioned in the video. I'll be updating it frequently with your recommendations as well. Make sure the check out the description for the full list.

  2. Bosca ceoil literally translates to music box, but yeah it does mean accordion, I'm feel so proud that you actually got the correct Irish for that, tíocfaidh ar lá 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪💚🤍🧡

  3. Just FYI. I use mixcraft. It's the windows version of garage band (not by same company) It lets you use the loops and virtual instruments but you can't export directly from mixcraft if you use the free version. My solution is using Audacity to record the stereo mix and create an MP3 through there.

  4. I'm late to the party here, but I'm a little surprised that the Doom Engine isn't on the list. There's tons of software for map and script editing; entire standalone games have been made with it.

  5. 3:00 "FOSS generally has better products" lol Sorry, I enjoyed the rest of the video, despite not even being a game dev, but opensource stuff is generally not great and lacks polish. Many closed source software is also like that, and there are some shining examples of great OSS, but that's far from the norm. Even your beloved Blender 3D was a barely usable frankenstein compared to Maya or 3DS, until they revamped the UI and still you gotta be kidding me if you really think it is intuitive to use. I get it some people also actually enjoy things like the UX war crime that is Gimp but that doesn't make it intuitive or provides better usability.

  6. For audio software, I'd like to add a few:
    1) FL Studios. It's free software with the option to pay for additional VST's or plugins. Avicii used this software for his music as well as Toby Fox for Undertale.

    2) Famitracker. For all the retro gamers out there trying to make a pixilated game, this is a nice option. It's very bare bones and a lot different than other workstations but if you're skilled enough, you can make great tracks that sound like actual NES or Famicom tracks. Famitracker was used in Shovel Knight.

    3) Deflemask. For someone that wants to make a pixel game but wants something a bit more modern, I'd recommend Deflemask. It's similar in design to Famitracker but geared towards 16-bit style music. The SNES and GBA made music using identically sounding software.

  7. Really cool overview! I disagree with calling Brave private though, it's made by an advertising company (just like Google). It may be less bad now but I doubt it will stay that way forever, your attention and your data make companies money so yeah.

  8. if you need a great modeling software for really low poly models (NDS and PSX style) I use picoCAD. It’s name your own price and works GREAT!!

  9. Ok note. OBS likes to not work in some computers like my own! The frame rate is horrible, lag is immense and it skips frames all the time. But, that’s probably just a thing with my computer. Pretty sure it’s insane when it works. (I mean to see what I mean many of my ancient vids use it and the result was a bit not good.)

  10. Big emphasis on open source but not sure most gamedevs will actually contribute to the projects, especially if they don't come from a dev background. At that point it's just "free software".

  11. Pinta (Pinta-project) is a good one to add too, it's basically an open source cross platform MS Paint but with more features and a very strong history and layers system

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