Jogo de Plataforma Multijogador no GameMaker – Fazendo a Conexão

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50 thoughts on “Jogo de Plataforma Multijogador no GameMaker – Fazendo a Conexão

  1. If you try this in GMS2, you just need to change "var notification = instance_create(0,0,obj_message);" to "var notification = instance_create_layer(0,0,0,obj_message);"

  2. Great tutorial.

    Just wanted to mention instance_create(x, y, message); needs to be replaced with instance_create_depth(x, y, depth, message); due to an update in GML

    .I'd love to see you do a tutorial on 3D billboarding in GML.

  3. Can you help me to build a networking game a little bit different of this? i'm getting many problems as the coding is very different of the tutorial and i not understand nothing of networking in game maker… Can you contact me?

  4. Hi 🙂 I found this series and it looks really promising! Can you tell me if anything will have changed significantly from GMS1 to GMS2 with this tutorial? Will all the same concepts apply in a general sense, or even the same specific code? Thank you!

  5. Does this work between an IPv6 and an IPv4?
    So like, I have an IPv6 router thingy, and if I make the server, would my friend be able to connect from an IPv4?

  6. Help me please.

    action number 1
    of Draw Event
    for object obj_controller:

    Variable obj_controller.sockets(100013, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
    at gml_Object_obj_controller_DrawGUI_1 (line 5) – draw_text(5, 20, "Total clients: " + string(ds_list_size(sockets)));

  7. lol im a slow learner when it comes to programming. second time watching this vid only understood up to half time the vid my brain needs a break. im trying to understand all these ds_ commands and how you used it to create this.

  8. Just an FYI, TCP/IP networking in GMS1.4 and GMS2 will not work with the Apple store, as they do not work with IPv6-only networks. If you are planning to make a networking game for Apple, or are currently in development, you will run into issues at the time you try and release a beta test on the Apple Store.

  9. Push :: Execution Error – Variable Get -1.latency(100003, -1)
    at gml_Object_obj_controller_Draw_64 (line 2) – draw_text(5, 5, "Latency: " + string(latency));

  10. Thanks for this tutorial ! But is there a difference between var type_event = async_load[? "type"]; and var type_event = ds_map_find_value(async_load, "type"); ?

  11. Hello! so many people have asked you this, but i haven't seen a answer.
    Is there any way to make the player choose in a single game project if he wants to be the server or client?

  12. This is awesome! Didn't run into any errors, everything just works. Still trying to wrap my head around the use of sockets, sending packets(and how to interpret them) and unsigned integers but I'm getting there, this tutorial really helped me, thanks :)!

  13. Im start this playlist tutorial right now 2017, only one thing is async_load[? "val"]; but other things i did the same. Also, nice play list. i'll follow and feedback everythings, this videos fine. i put my orign ip and did NAT on my modem everything ok. work on WAN.

  14. Thank you so much, man. Seriously great tutorial.
    I can finally understand server-client connection so well.

    Dont ever stop doing this, you are helping many people.

  15. I encountered an error when I ran The Client it is below:
    In Object obj_controller, in Event NetworkingEvent action number 1 at line 5 : cannot
    In Script scr_usepacket at line 5 : statement in a
    In Script scr_usepacket at line 6 : statement in a switch MUST

  16. Can you help me?
    This attack on me!!!

    action number 1
    of Async Event: Networking
    for object obj_controller:

    Push :: Execution Error – Variable Get 100000.msgId(100003, -2147483648)
    at gml_Script_scr_handleIncomingPackets (line 6) – case 1:
    stack frame is
    gml_Script_scr_handleIncomingPackets (line 6)
    called from – gml_Object_obj_controller_NetworkingEvent_1 (line 33) – scr_handleIncomingPackets(buffer, sockets);

    Whats I can make?

  17. It might not work for everybody: Remember to port foward to tcp, and make it an exectable: else you won't be able to let people around the world connect to you! If you followed the tutorial correctly, you should port foward at 50000 tcp. Make sure both the server and clientare executable!

  18. How hard is it to take a single player game and turn it to multiplayer via networking? Can I use these tutorials to turn an existing project into multiplayer without losing/recoding most everything?

  19. buffer_seek argument 1 incorrect type (5) expecting a Number (YYGI32)
    at gml_Object_obj_controler_NetworkingEvent_1 (line 35) – buffer_seek(buffer,buffer_seek_start,0); Help please D=

  20. Great tutorial but in the server when someone is leaving it doesn't remove him from the list (for example if i open 1 client it will say that i have 1 player online and if close it nothing changes after opening another one it says that i have 2 players and i checked everything in the tutorial)

  21. Anyone else having a problem connecting to the server? The program is running fine but the initial connection isn't going through. I've tried changing the IP address, but nothing seems to change.

  22. Why do all network tutorials for GMS create a separate Server and Client game? How would that work once you actually create your game?
    When I do these tutorials I just create a single game, and change things up a bit, then have an "intro" room where the player chooses to host or join, then it will send them to the correct room. Is there a better way I am missing?

  23. hmm i'm having an issue where if i run more than 1 client, the 2nd one will never connect and the server game maker just states "connection refused" whether i use my code or your example code :/

  24. Thank you for the great tutorials!

    I want to to make a multiplayer platformer but what is te diffrence between http Dll2 networking and this socket mehod?
    and what is best, "most professional" way of networking?

  25. Wow really well explained, especially how you summarized everything at the end by going through the code snippets step by step the way the networking communication happens. I insta-subscribed at that moment 😀 One question I have though is: Does that mean we need to run GMS on the server if we wanna have an online multiplayer game? And how would we run GMS on the server?

  26. If you're going to continue this series, can you make a video on what happens when you're trying to join with an incorrect ip? Now the game just freezes. It would be nice if you could show a countdown timer and/or loading icon during the connect.

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