Atualização do desenvolvedor | Reprodução cruzada | Overwatch

É hora de se agrupar. O Cross-Play está chegando a Overwatch! O diretor do jogo, Aaron Keller, detalha o novo recurso de Overwatch. Perguntas frequentes sobre cross-play Comece a assistir: Curta nossa página no Facebook: Siga-nos no Twitter: http://www Junte-se a nós no Instagram:


35 thoughts on “Atualização do desenvolvedor | Reprodução cruzada | Overwatch

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  2. If cross progression isn't available at launch it'll never come. You can't implement a feature like that halfway through a game cycle unless they merge the accounts and take use the account with the highest level.

  3. I’m less than a minute in so he might address this but how does this work, considering console and PC are balanced differently? Like Torb’s turret, for example.

  4. Alright I am going to address this on here as if I put it on Twitter the devs just won’t listen as they just don’t care whatsoever and will never listen as you only care about one thing and that is money so here what on my mind you say you listen to your community but the truth is you really don’t as if you did listen to the overwatch community you would see the problems your game has and before anyone saids they is none you are wrong as I can point out some of the problems myself right here right now your game is just a mess as they is a big problem in rank mood as overwatch use to be fun but it’s not anymore as they are so many smurf accounts in your game and you don’t do anything at all also with the throwers that that is making rank really tricky for low players trying to rank up but as if it matters the devs will never listen your game is never going to be fun ever again unless you fix they probably and don’t say you can’t as that is just bs fix your game and all the problems and start listening to your community as if it was not for us you would not have overwatch being so successful 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  5. Yeah cross progression, for those of us that have made the switch its kinda infuriating how we don't have access to all my skins/emotes/sprays ect, i cant imagine it be that difficult to implement… but that doesn't milk your playerbase for all its worth before deciding to release OW2 hmm?

  6. Its pretty funny how pc players are complaning about aim assist but when we get on a pc pool it gets disabled. It will be pretty cool to use keyboard and mouse on console while in a pc pool only

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