Top 21 melhores jogos com crossplay em 2022 (PC/PS4/Xbox)

Veja agora os 21 melhores jogos crossplay com ps4, xbox e pc (multiplataforma) para jogar agora em 2022. Jogos multiplayer online, coop para jogar com seus amigos, seja jogos de tiro (fps), sobrevivência, terror e muito mais. Apreciar 😉


34 thoughts on “Top 21 melhores jogos com crossplay em 2022 (PC/PS4/Xbox)

  1. The person who decided console players should play with PC players needs to be fired ASAP. It’s literally impossible, u can add back buttons, kontrol freeks, use the best settings PC players will win any day of the week. There is a reason why proffessional esports players dont cross-platform with PC players or vice versa

  2. Apex is trash right now. Literally was my favorite game. Been playing non stop. But now I just had to uninstall. Bro so many bugs so many laggy games. They need to fix that shit. Otherwise fuck downloading it . I’m pretty sure half the community feels the same

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