Multiplayer e Crossplay explicados – dicas para iniciantes no No Man’s Sky

Explicação sobre multijogador e crossplay – Dicas para iniciantes de No Man’s Sky 2021: Apenas um pequeno vídeo sobre os aspectos multijogador do jogo. Às vezes, esse recurso pode ser um pouco confuso e com erros. ————————————————– ————————————————– ———– No Man’s Sky Tutoriais e dicas: No Man’s Sky Atualizações e notícias: com/playlist?list=PLIl4Rb58LgFPA9b2tqLY4NVvc5ScmsBJO No Man’s Sky Expeditions Dicas e Passo a passo: ——————– ————————————————– —– Suporte: Junte-se a este canal para ter acesso às vantagens: https :// Discord: Música original de Bortaur94: /UClv5O5VUouYrxQ-P8JkNlGw Baixe o aplicativo No Man’s Sky: #nomanssky #xxiougames #xxiou


43 thoughts on “Multiplayer e Crossplay explicados – dicas para iniciantes no No Man’s Sky

  1. Hey! If I wanted a single player game, I’ll just turn multiplayer off? Does that mean I’ll never interact with any player in anyway? What happens if another player travels to my system when I have multiplayer off?

  2. If you turn multi-player on and have invite only off then other players can go to and join to be thrown in your game. If you go there and to join then obviously you'll join their game

  3. I have a friend that plays on PC, I'm on Xbox, we've tried finding each other so we could play together, but we've never been able to.. Multi-player & other settings are enabled, but for the life of us, we STILL can't figure out what we're doing wrong.. Are there any limitations for Xbox to Steam players??

  4. Ok i have a friend who on his ps4 wants to learn the game again, last played in vanilla, and i have an xbox. So lets say he crashed on the planet and i am building a base. I exit anomaly to join him to help him fix ship. Now we are in orbit where we started….how do WE get back to MY planet where we can build my base and build his character?

  5. Ok i have a question, if we play multiplayer is it like a server, like if we create a base together and the host leaves everyone gets kicked out or the host can leave and we can keep playing?

  6. im having a problem where im on ps4 and my friend is on xbox and we put in each others friend codes but that's all we can seem to do. we can't open a session together and i cant really invite them on my session :/ i honestly have no clue what to do and everything just says to input the friend code when we've literally done that idk how many times and again, it won't let me invite them. still trying to find a solution :/

  7. I play on pc and my friend is on ps4, we played one game and then the next day we could join the same lobby even tho he had it save and so did i, i was the host by the way. So the thing is we both are able to load into the same save but non of us can see the other? So we started hosting a new game and non of us can join the other

  8. How do i invite a friend on xbox and im on pc? we are NMS friends but obviously we cant invite each other through only NMS friends, we can only invite our own platform. How does one invite while doing crossplay?

  9. Dude I’m having an issue with joining my PS4 friend, I’m on pc.. On multiplayer we just can’t see each other’s sessions and in network friends list there’s is no invite option, it only says delete friend.

  10. So me and my friends have never played this game before and we want to play it together. I have a PS4, my friend has a PC and my other friend has an Xbox One. Can we play together from the start or do we have to progress through some stuff first before being able to play together?

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